Xbox 360 and PS3 Controller Combined (Mod)

slashgamer writes: " I personally like both controllers and the way I choose which controller I find best depends on what game I'm playing.

For instance, for a first person shooter, I find where the analogs are better placed on the Xbox 360 controller. However for a fighting game, the D-pad and feel of the 360 controller is just awful. That is when I choose the Dual Shock."

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el_bandito3187d ago

Nifty. Lol. He replaced the X logo on the dome with the PS logo.

Sarick3186d ago (Edited 3186d ago )

Why even bother, All that needs done is the d-pad needs changed to a low profile analog rocker on the controller that has height adjustment. Then it could be multi-purpose. The trick is getting the analog sticks to feel like d-pads when set low profile or like analog sticks when raised up.

- or -

Features that allow analogs to be repositioned with the buttons and d-pads. Then no one could complain about their positions.

Anyway, maybe they should mass produce a few of these and give one or two to that Gametrailers video editor that said 360 is superior to PS3 because the controller. Couldn't find the link T.T

solidt123186d ago (Edited 3186d ago )

I wouldn't mind having that for R2 and Killzone 2. There is nothing wrong with the Dual Shock 3 but I would just like to try that control too.

pathetic fanboys3186d ago

is the best pad i've ever used imo. just a shame about the crappy d-pad. but, if it had the d-pad of the dual-shock?? it would make it even better.

although, for me, when i'm playing pro evo soccer, nothing plays that game better than a dual-shock. it feels better imo. and because i dont yet have a ps3, i dont buy pes games.

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MaximusPrime3187d ago

i still dont like the location of the left analog stick.

PS controller is better.

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mpmaley3186d ago

I agree. I don't know if it's that I used the DS for years before I held a Xbox controller (first one I held was the large version) but my hands just love the DS controller. That doesn't mean the 360 controller isn't great, my hands just enjoy the feel of the DS more.

Man_of_the_year3186d ago

Can't stand the DS controller - the tips of my thumbs keep hitting each other when i am playing.

socomnick3186d ago

lets us not forget about the dualshocks weak triggers.

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Flipfito3187d ago

thats pretty cool i say it looks more like an xbox controller but buttons are more on the playstation side

solidt123186d ago

Don't forget, to enable that thing to work on the PS3 he had to add Bluetooth. Sweet.

Truplaya3187d ago

thats awesome, the 360 pad but with a PlayStation D-pad is what i want.

To MaximusPrime - the left analogue has to go there, doesnt the PS3 pad hurt your hands after playign for more than 20 minutes? Maybe i have big hands but i dont like the PS3 pad, gives me cramp

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