New Bayonetta Preview: One of the Best Promises of Recent Times

Translated by PlatinumGames Faction Member "MidnightChronicles"

The DMC franchise will be very visible in the eyes of fans in Bayonetta. The woman will be able to switch between close combat, shooting and magic powers to create devastating combos on varied enemies, like Goblins. High-quality animations are being developed to illustrate the blows in the most violent and impressive way possible.

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Rikitatsu3335d ago

Can't wait for this game, Clover is back!

DiabloRising3335d ago

I'm anxious for this game after the somewhat cookie cutter DMC4.

ThanatosDMC3335d ago

If they only keep continuing where DMC3 left off... I hate Nero! Yahtzee really nailed how he described Nero.

Timesplitter143335d ago

I agree. They should just continue from DMC3 with Dante

Andras843335d ago

That's all it is. Why are we so hyped for this????

Andras843335d ago are f*ing beyond help!! Does the game look good?? Absolutley!! Does the game look interesting?? Absolutley!!!

But it's a damn clone!!! It's so similar to DMC that if someone would put a Dante skin on that woman you all would easily belive that it's a DMC game.

It's the style that makes it look exactly like a DMC game...the monsters, the fighting. Everything just screems DMC RIPP-OFF.

I'm not saying that it is a bad game at all. But face the facts please!

They f*ed up DMC4 so this is how they try to fix their mistake I guess.

Doppy3335d ago

It is DMC, just with a lot of improvements and new gameplay mechanics, which isn't a bad thing at all. I just hope it comes out before the Holiday season, because it has a good chance of getting lost in the pile of potentially great games coming out next year.

Heavy Rain
Alan Wake
Halo 3 Recon
and so much more.

Rikitatsu3335d ago

"Looks" like a DMC clone at first glance, But the Gameplay mechanics and features are way too diffreint as explained in the article above.

Enigma_20993335d ago

But there are some of us who LIKE Devil May Cry...

Doppy3335d ago

Story wise DMC 4 was a let down. I don't like Nero at all, he's a cry baby.

Anywho I have a funny feeling that there will be a Dante Cameo, or a Dante skin for DLC.

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The story is too old to be commented.