Grand Theft Auto IV PC - The Choice Trailer

Rockstar Games published a new Grand Theft Auto IV trailer. Enjoy.

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ape0073665d ago

omg gta 4 has high production values to the roof

but man they should worked more on GAMEPLAY

they used the tech the wrong way,focusing only on creating one of the most breathing,living,most impressive piece of enviroment in game history

R,next gta I want the awesome,the purely fun gameplay of the gta 3 series combined with the massive enviroments,physics and immersion of gta 4,with the verity of SA or more

that is a dream come true

am sad,cause am one the biggest gta fan eva

gta 4 was like 8 out of 10 game not the old classic gta game
please R north,put focus on gameplay

good luck north

InMyOpinion3665d ago

3 reports saying "Bad Spelling: Choice not Choise" and it still gets through ;) What's the point of having the report system again?

LethalToxins3664d ago

Lol, bubbles for beating me to saying that.

Andreas-Sword3664d ago

nice game, cool Trailer...