The New Xbox Experience Impressions (Negative Gamer)

Negative Gamer writes:

"As a Microsoft Beta participant I was selected recently to try out the NXE or New Xbox Experience (or something like that) early.

And after playing around with it for a while I have come to several conclusions."

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darkequitus3680d ago

who wants to be the new Sarcastic gamer.


FreeMonk3680d ago

I also got accepted for the NXE Dashboard, and I am impressed. It is a huge improvement on the old dashboard.

Everything looks pretty and shiny. The Avatars are fun also.

It's the little things that count though. When you get an invite from a friend, on the old dashboard you get the message 'BLARBLAR has sent you an invite', whereas now on the new Dashboard it actually states the game they are playing.

So no longer will I have to check to see what game my friend is playing when I'm playing Halo 3 and he's playing Gears of War 2. Save's time.

It's nice to see your friends list and an image of the box art next to the friend showing what he is playing. Yep, some of the boxart is missing at the moment, but I'm sure MS is on it and will get it all updated before the worldwide release. Call of Duty: WAW and Rainbow Six Vegas 2 still doesn't have boxart from what I've noticed, so I'm sure that MS will get it updated.

I can't wait for the Group Chat and Party features that will make things so much easier when getting ready for a MP session with friends.

Overall, it's better than the original dashboard...and it's free. So stop your moaning!! :)

ThanatosDMC3679d ago

I got it. Basically, it's an XMB but flashier. They made everything easier to scroll over with the left/right up/down direction just like the XMB.

Making Albums/playlist though, i havent figured it out.

DevastationEve3679d ago

XMB is a copy off of Media Center's interface. Windows Media Center Edition predates the XMB in PSP (Sony's earliest verion) by about a year or two. The time it took for them to copy it, no doubt;)

uxo223679d ago

Really though, how can you take a person seriously that calls himself "NEGATIVE GAMER!"

Who's next "DUMBASS LOSER" who carries a basic theme of telling you how it sucks getting you a$$ kicked on XBL & PSN. /end sarcasm.

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Arsenic133680d ago

What a tool. First of all its not even a beta. Its the full things and all his complaints are so shallow. He cant even find the change themes option and is complaining cause he has the small HDD.

MiloGarret3680d ago

"All old background themes are cut in half by the new graphical interface. Doubtless the new themes will not suffer this. But it has essentially rendered all my old themes pointless."

Ok, now read this second quote: "I still can’t find the menu to change themes. Seriously I looked for like an hour. Why didn’t they leave it where it was?"

So how did he manage to find out that ALL old backgrounds are "cut in half"? This person is a moron, and a bit of a liar, I am never clicking a link to that site again.

JD_Shadow3680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

If one theme was cut in half because of the UI, what do you think the other ones will do? You don't need to go through anymore than one to figure out that what happens with one will happen to the rest of them. That's just using common sense.

Sounds like you were trying to find anything you could to discredit the article.

[email protected]: But he was able to look at enough for him. Also, that's saying that the UI is kind of clunky, too (it looks like that to me and I think it makes it look less fluid). And he said the OLD background themes, not all of them (and he even said the new one he doubt will have that problem), so your point there is officially gone because you took the entire quote out of context. It still doesn't require you to shift through all of them to figure out that if one OLD theme will do that, ALL old themes will.

It's still looking as if you're reaching for something to discredit the article. Does that mean his opinion about the HD installs aren't valid (you guys bash the PS3 because of the installs)? Is he wrong about the adverts, or the sharpness of the guide thing?

Sounds like you're trying to do the same thing to this article that you accuse the "SDF" of doing to any negative PS3 article. Funny how this stuff works on this site, is it (and I really don't want to hear anymore of this "SDF conspiracy" crap anymore now that I'm seeing this kind of defense from the Xbox crowd)?

SECOND [email protected]: Also, looking at how you're posting on here, you seem to be really offended at people saying that MS ripped off of others and seem to bring up Netflix as a defense EVERYWHERE! It's not a crime to make something better, as Sony is doing with Home (using the road that Second Life and Sims used and taking a different path at the fork to make it a lot better and making new innovations onto it). However, MS IS ripping off of people because the interface looks a HELL of a lot like the XMB, the Avatars look almost, if not, EXACTLY like the Nintendo Miis, the whole game invite thing is coming straight from Home.

Oh, wait...I'm sorry, I'm supposed to think of them adding Netflix and seeing that they are SOO original JUST because they decided to add a service that everyone can get on their PC....OOPS, wasn't supposed to diffuse THAT argument with THAT, was I?

Ronnie073680d ago

I'm in it too and all backgrounds are cut in half ie you only see the top half of any background. I couldnt find the change theme option myself at 1st but it's under your gamertag in the 'my xbox' channel

Bodhi3680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

darkpower... If you go on Major Nelson's blog for the NXE info, you'd know by now that some themes don't have the bottom part of the NXE UI. It's not discrediting, it's a valid question. How could he know ALL his themes were cut in half by the UI? The new themes will or won't have the bottom part, depending.

Woah, no one was mentioning SDF or any conspiracy or anything here. Someone mentioned how he could know how the themes were cut in half if he couldn't change it. Old themes are known to be cut in half, but it's a noticeable difference between size from the old dashboard.

It's not that the new UI is clunky, it's that it's set up in a different spot as it once was. It's like calling a library unorganized for reorganizing a book in a different area because they wanted to put it in a more fitting genre.

How am I discrediting any of his criticism? You're getting a little touchy here man, it's a solid question.

It's like if someone said that all the shoes on the shoe rack are the same size, but he's only tested one pair.

How could he know they're all the same size?

You're going a little off the top here darkpower.


Alright, since you didn't see the one part where I said the NXE looks like Media Center, I'll post pictures.

Media Center came out in 2002 before the PSP and PS3 so apparently they copied them? No, they aren't even similar. Stop trying.

So just because the HOME avatars are more realistic than the Mii's they're not a rip off? Do I really need another image comparison? Apparently:

Avatars are just a digital representation of yourself, the idea has been floating around for ages like I was saying.

The game invite thing came from Home? People have been requesting a Clan blade or a Party system for the dashboard ever since the dashboard was out. By saying that Microsoft copied game invites from HOME, Sony copied Achievements with Trophies.

Dude, calm down for a split second, copying is competition. Chill out with the OMG OMG OMG COPY OMG. I'm not getting offended off people calling Microsoft copycats, I'm just pointing out that it makes people like you look stupid as everyone does it.

Please, you lost, there's no need for arguments.....OOPS, wasn't supposed to end THAT argument with THAT, was I?

JD_Shadow3680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

No, I'm not getting touchy. The 360 fanboys (mostly people like the Mart) LOVE to bring up the SDF every single time someone talks ill of a negative PS3 article, but then when something negative about the 360 comes out (and it wasn't even immature about saying that), you guys just do the same things. Hell, I even expected a load of reports trying to fail this story. I'm just saying that next time you try to invoke that explanation into why so many people dress down a negative PS3 story, keep your defense of the NXE in this article in mind to see that you're basically dressing this guy and his article down the same way you guys accuse the "SDF" (which EVERYONE would be IN THAT then since so many people are against some of the immaturity that is IN some of those negative PS3 articles) of doing. Yeah, it WAS EXTREMELY necessary to bring that up because I'm sick of hearing that excuse every time so many people report an article of that nature (and it's ALWAYS the SAME DAMN PEOPLE who bring them up when that happens).

I think the UI is very clunky, and personally, I never saw anything wrong with the blades (not sure WHY, but I'm probably in the minority here. You always knew where you were in the hierarchy and how to get to where you wanted to go). Here, it looks like you have to search for what you want to get to, and you're never too sure where you really are in the hierarchy (the XMB also does this very well, you always know HOW you got where you ended up so you can remember it for future use). That's always been a sticking point for me (knowing how to get back to where I was and displaying how did I get there) on websites and that.

But to these criticisms, I never said you were without a doubt doing so, I said it SEEMS like that because you and Milo were seeing that tiniest of flaws (if you could call it a flaw, again, you failed to mention that he said OLD backgrounds, not new ones, which you still didn't address in your edit), or that logic and common sense should tell you that if ONE old theme does that, the others will do the same because all the old themes are not optimized for the new UI yet. This is not very hard to grasp without even looking at any of the OLD themes other than the one he viewed. THINK about this, because you're taking an argument that Milo already failed at and making it worse by removing the word OLD from it and then trying to tell me that I'm overreacting while trying to make an analogy that isn't the same thing in order to compare two things.

I do have a grip, you just have to THINK about these arguments you're trying to use to explain your case, because they're pretty empty here.

EDIT: The MS Avatar LOOK came from Nintendo, and the "straight-to" thing is off of Home. And read what I said above because you didn't catch me about improving on someone else's ideas (which MS ISN'T doing, which makes it a copy). Sony took the idea of the achievements and built on that to make a better version (I think) of them. See, you should read what is being said before making the arguments you're making. You're not even getting right the arguments of those you're agreeing with. Yet you're b!tching that I'm disagreeing with you....oops, not supposed to disagree with the Xbox Kings, now am I?

MiloGarret3679d ago

Darkpower, I wasn't trying to discredit him, he did that just fine by himself. If something happens once, do you generalize it to happening all the time? Apparently you and the author of this article are on the same intellectual level, don't assume so much and question "common sense", you'd be surprised at how often it makes NO sense at all. Please don't ever become a scientist, of any kind, please.

BTW: I'm not saying he wasn't telling the truth about the old themes, simply that he was OBVIOUSLY lying about one thing or another.

PS: If you've already responded somehow to me in one of your posts I'm sorry, but I can't be bothered to read some crazy ass fanboy's desperate blog/cry for help. If you ever bother to read my comments you'll soon realize that I make fun of and hate on pretty much anything I don't like, ignoring which console it concerns.

JD_Shadow3679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

I'm sorry, but that's just what I have observed out of alot of these 360 fanboys on this site. I don't know if you were around for that whole thing about the techspy blogs where this guy, twice, posted something on his blog about what version of GTA4 was going to be superior and then went on a rant in both of them about EVERYTHING that he could ever find bad about the PS3 that had nothing to do with the game and no one in their right mind would give a crap about while ignoring any 360 fault. Both of those were somehow approved on N4G, and the 360 fanboys were insulting (rather harshly) anyone who said that the articles were filled with flame bait crap (the worst that I've seen in a LONG time). This is normal of any negative article on the 360 that I've seen posted. Someone starts it, and it goes from there, and then the letters "SDF" get brought into it (yeah, I know I brought them up this time, but it was because I KNEW somewhere someone would have because, well, they seem to be responsible for EVERYTHING that the 360 fanboys do not like on here), and it just snowballs. This is why I called you out on your comment, since your whole thing sounded like you looked for the one smallest thing you could find to take apart the ENTIRE thing and went after it like a shark to blood. That and I'm pretty passionate about the gaming business because I've been a gamer all my life and it feels like it's a part of my blood and it kind of pisses me off that certain things are going on now that the past didn't carry with it (I don't think even the Sega/Nintendo 16-bit wars were THIS bad or filled with THIS much controversy. This wall of text will be even taller if I go into my reasons why I think that). So please excuse me if I get more irked at things than some people think I should. It's normal for me to be passionate about everything that has been a part of my life, especially something that has been THAT much of one.

Now, do I think that the guy was telling the entire truth? I don't know for sure (it IS called Negative Gamer for a reason, after all), but I don't think he was intentionally trying to mislead anyone. From what I understand it, each old theme like that will be made out to fit the same amount of space on a person's screen. Now, based on this, if one of those theme's backgrounds gets cut off at a certain point, and all of those theme backgrounds are at the same proportion as the one that you saw get cut off, then you can probably safely assume that it will happen to the rest of them in a very similar fashion. The guy DID say he was searching for an hour, so he may have found it at some point during his search (which is a problem in of itself as to why it took him so long to FIND that thing) and then saw what it did to the themes.

My only concern with YOU was that you were seemly rushing to condemn the criticism too harshly and too fast (again, that's just my prejudice anymore because of some of these 360 fanboys who actually DO reach for crap to try to use against something they don't like). I do agree that he needed to make it a little clearer about if he found it eventually and how he KNEW that, but I bet he did guess it from what I stated above. Plus, again, Negative Gamer is known for overstating and over exaggerating the negatives of EVERYTHING, so it could've also been just how the site is.

By the way, my main venom was actually at Bodhi, who seemed to actually take your own points and really start twisting them. That, to me, IS why I hold prejudiced. Well, the Mart is a key reason, too, but I can't say what I think of him on the Gamer Zone, so I'll leave that at that.

Oh, and you're right about me not being able to be a scientist. I don't think those people would be able to handle MY big brain....*looks around to see everyone stare at him narrowly* WHAT?!!

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Nikkelz3680d ago

yeah he's valid because its an opinion,but when hundreds of people like it,his opinion seems rather pointless

StephanieBBB3680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

And no im not hating on Sony. Im saying this because mostly competition is good, and I just want to go Home now...

Gue13680d ago

NXE is just a new interface for the X360, nothing more. HOME is an application. Not equal. No comparisons.

N4PS3G3680d ago

Exactly...thats why Home is boring

Bodhi3680d ago

I'm scared to actually say this here but...

Home = Habbo Hotel HD
NXE = Interface

Differences are astounding aren't they.

StephanieBBB3680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

Umm you do know that Sony and Microsoft are competing for customers and they don't see Home or NXE as an New interface and application?

They see it as a marketing product to use for fishing in the customer/finance pond.

To get customers recognision you always have to 1up your compeditor and this is exactly what happens atm.

Gue13680d ago

well yeah, you're right, but I didn't knew you were talking from that aspect...

Sony Rep3680d ago

Home is like a forum for gamers...

NXE is a ripoff of other applications...

Bodhi3680d ago

How is the NXE a rip-off of other applications? NXE is reminiscent of the Media Center for Windows, and the Avatar idea has been floating around for ages.

I guess Microsoft or "M$" ripped off Netflix off Nintendo and Sony right?

iNcRiMiNaTi3680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

home is a ripoff of the sims and second life

Bodhi3680d ago

Exactly, it's basically Second Life, Sims, and Habbo Hotel HD. Don't tell me Sony came up with the idea long before those came into fruition.

StephanieBBB3679d ago

Nope I don't think that they did, but I do know that they "perfected" it ;)

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Magic_The_Celt3680d ago

somehow i doubt it will come close to the awesome XMB.

Maxned3680d ago

Somehow i doubt you have a life.

Magic_The_Celt3680d ago

why is that mr. 2 bubbles? because i have an opinion that doesnt match yours

poor pathetic sod

sak5003679d ago


LOL u calling someone mr.two bubbles, atleast he didnt get banned or had the other account go down to 1 bubble. And you had to create the third account. Howz that mr.3rd account?

Maxned3679d ago

What he/she said.

Traveler3679d ago

Hey Celt, I have a PS3 and a 360 and I prefer even the current dashboard over the XMB. The XMB works, but it is so boring. I have been using that same plain interface in my PSP for years. There is nothing interesting or eye catching about the XMB interface. The themes are better in the dashboard because you get to see different backgrounds on each blade, whereas with the XMB you are looking at the same background the whole time.

The NXE interface seems to be keeping most of the positives of the current dashboard and bringing a whole bunch of new functionality and better design and ease of use.

na2ru13679d ago

Do you realise what you have just said. Current dashboard better than XMB? So WHY exactly are they replacing the Dashboard?

Are you a 12 year old child? Pretty(more like ugly) looks and background wallpapers always catches the childs eye whereas functionality passes through their air heads'.

Current Dashboard is REALLY clunky. Theirs TOO many navigations and clicks involved compared to XMB - left left, up up up, A, down down down, oops back up one, A. I myself am more than capable of using 360 since i set up and added wireless myself. But it's not about me. What about others? I learnt so much in User Interface Design, i KNOW what i'm talking about.

XMB presents you with information onscreen of what a typical user would expect i.e. megabites, small msg icon next a friend that you haven't even selected. It does so much, with so little navigation.

I give up, the dashboard is honestly the wors pos i have ever seen. it's like it's been made by a bunch of teenagers. Even Nokia and Sony Ericsson no MUCH MUCH better on how to avoid fustrration for the user.

Most people would agree XMB is far more intuitive. period

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