5 Basic Tips to Better LBP Level Design: Controlling the Thermostat

In the first of a series of articles will be giving tips on how to kick your LBP levels up a notch.

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thor3687d ago

I have more tips; I would say

Learn to make logic gates out of pistons and blocks - they're so useful!

Don't be over-ambitious with some crazy new control scheme UNTIL you've thought it through fully (fell victim to this myself).

Recreating stuff is great, but how about making something truly original?

Always keep FUN in mind - it doesn't matter how inventive your level is, if it's no fun, no one will like playing it!

Horny Melon3687d ago (Edited 3687d ago )

it just like any other editing tool. You try to cram too many design concepts into your head at once, and they reach the paper in a mess. As for fun...that is subjective....some people like challenges other people like having their hand held through the level. I say make what you want.