CheatCode: Gears of War 2 Review

Jonathan Marx-

Gears of War 2 (GoW 2) is one of the most refined games I've ever played. The shiny visuals, varied game modes, load of multiplayer options, and near-perfect cover system make this title truly standout.

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pp3323d ago

Only blind ignorant fools want vote Gears of War 2 as a GOTY 08.

elorm93323d ago (Edited 3323d ago )

My friend who owns an Xbox says he's gonna get it later because it's basically the same as the first one. He's getting Mirror's Edge instead

heyheyhey3323d ago

"Only blind ignorant fools want vote Gears of War 2 as a GOTY 08."

i dont get it... do Xbox fans enjoy self-owning or something?

Man_of_the_year3323d ago (Edited 3323d ago )

He probably also voted for McCain too didn't he?

Fox013323d ago

I'm 99% sure LBP is going to be this years GOTY. It's does something that hasn't been seen before and it does it well.

BLUR1113323d ago

Wtf does this article have to do with that baby poo game LBP


plus this game destroys the lame rip off of halo resistance is.

Snukadaman_3323d ago (Edited 3323d ago )

And just watch how this game sells.....pretty sad really trying to call it gears of war 1.5 with different ways to play the game and better enviorments......hell we even get to download free upgraded maps...I am picking this up tonight and will accept any n4g players to play with....hit me up on xbox live and lets enjoy one of the contenders for goty.

lbp wins game of the year...congradulations on that..but can you play it online on the first week of release?

oh and also...mods can kick out people in the gamerzone for speaking their minds but let idiots like this even exist...
simply ridiculous.

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tatotiburon3323d ago

perfect, almost ready to kick some locutus ass

Harry1903323d ago

You won't find 'locutus' in this game, but you might find 'locusts'

WhittO3323d ago

^^ lolol, how funny would it be, i can see it now - cutscene starts, see a red lazer blocking the view, on walks locutus, final boss.

would be the best boss like lol.

tatotiburon3323d ago

ups sorry, locusts in spanish is "locutus"

MidnightProwler3323d ago

Am i weird for having zero interest in this game? Its like... yeah, its GeoW2, but who gives a ****? and if anybody can see my Family Guy reference, you get a bubble!

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fufotrufo3323d ago (Edited 3323d ago )

good score... funny..this is the only review ive seen so far ..that gives Gears Graphics a 4.4 and Resistance a 4.8

i think ..both games look great ... but after reading all the reviews saying gears looks better ..saying that R2 graphics are much better than gears 2 just dumb

Pennywise3323d ago

You act like youve played either one. THAT is dumb.

GUNS N SWORDS3323d ago

something like 6 websites have already said the other way around

IGN and 1up are in there as well.

fufotrufo3323d ago (Edited 3323d ago )

no ..i haven't ..but i can read the reviews ..this time im not judging by my self....

"While it's certainly open to debate, we're going to go out on a limb and call Gears of War 2 the most visually impressive game yet made."-Gamespy Gears of war 2 review

GOW 2 Graphics 9.5 - R2 Graphics 9.0- IGN

"Visually inconsistent"-Gameplayer R2 review

JOLLY13323d ago

I've played both of them. PAX this year was awesome!

DiabloRising3323d ago

You realize there is more to graphics then just 'zomg hirez textures' right?

Both have different art styles (which is subjective in reviewing) as well as different technical focus.

I'd say both games look damn good, but have a couple visual niggles in different areas. I don't see a need to compare them since they are different genres frankly.

info3323d ago

Another review (NZgamer) that reviewed both and scored a little higher R2 overall.
However if you look at the details of scoring, you will notice that GOW2 has a higher mark (9.5 against 9).

I think that just gives an idea of the reasoning. Overall R2 might be a better value as it has a more substantial experience in terms of hours of game play compared to Gears.

Both seem to be intense games with some wow factor but I'm sure GOW2 is probably more consistent in this regards because of the structure of the levels and the game with more closed areas or directed game play (like the vehicle /ride sections).
Whereas R2 is trying to display bigger scenery with long vistas and a substantial number of enemies so there is a trade off.

No battle here, both games are enjoyable and worthy of a buy. And if you have both consoles you get a double wamy. Don`t have an Xbox but if I had, I probably would get GOW 2 as well and others in the same scenario would do.
However I can`t quite justify buying an Xbox for one game (particularly).

as for the GOTY claims, I think its all a bit rubbish, the one game that I say standing out in terms of critical acclaim and innovation....well you know it, no need to repeat the 3 Big letters. That`s my bet but I'm pretty sure it is going to be the case.

....damn...too many games to get and not enough money and time !

Harry1903323d ago

Gears has low-res textures but they hide it well. So well that it looks good.

cmrbe3323d ago

playing gears 2 and just as expected its better than the first in everyway but the improvements are not that great.

The textures are more detailed,better lighting and better effects imo.

The best improvement however is the story. Its a much better ride however the ending still suck. There are some pretty good twist along the way.

No more wall hugging and horde mode is fun.

My honest score. A 9.25

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GUNS N SWORDS3323d ago

the site is mainly a website that submits cheats but they have a review section in it as well.

Panthers3323d ago

@2. I think its obvious that Gears graphics are "better" but Resistance has great scale. Both are great looking games.

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