Dragon Star Varnir for PS4 Will Have Two "Slightly Modified" Scenes; New Screenshots Released

After releasing the brand new trailer of the JRPG Dragon Star Varnir, Idea Factory International followed up with a press release including a ton of new screenshots and some info.

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jukins3d ago

In before basement dwelling plebs complain about not being able to see virtual nudes

gamer78043d ago

don't forget bare bottoms! oh the horror, seriously cover your eyes Jukins, its too much fo your to handle, trust me Sony cali knows whats best for you.

trooper_3d ago

He must have got both of you good if you’re that offended.

rainslacker2d ago

Only saw one picture which looks like it may have been censored with some convenient fog. Dunno what it'll be like in the Asian version, but it'd probably get that in the localization for the west anyways given how NISA has been doing that for years now anyways. Not sure what they've been doing with Switch localization this gen, but NISA has been a bit persnickety about this stuff since Criminal Girls got so much bad press.

DaDrunkenJester3d ago

Do you also let mommy dictate what you play and watch as well? She probably doesn't want wittle jukins to see a fake booby.

jukins3d ago

Lol just like I said basement dwelling plebs complaining about "choice" please tell me in what way do these censored scenes change the game?

I play what I want but I also dont cry when a virtual anime girl nudity is censored. As I said only basement dwellingplebs who dont see nudes outside a screen are crying about the recent censorship. "Sony is dictating what I play by taking out fondling a young looking anime girl, or censoring butts from an demon female in dmc"

What's worse is you guys can't see how sad this is complaining about virtual game nudes. . . Like all the censoring has been nudes or as I said before fondling anime girls in panty mode. . This is what you plebs are crying about lol.

gamer78043d ago (Edited 3d ago )

@Jukins oh just fyi Pleb is an offensive word now, deemed by BBC and some other outlets, thankfully you can choose whether you censored yourself or not. PHEW! close call! (hope you realize now the logic you are tripping all over now, but maybe not... )

DaDrunkenJester3d ago

I dont even play these types of games and im hardly a basement dwelling "pleb". I stand against censorship. Sony doesn't need to tell us what can and can't be in a game even after it passes the freaking rating systems we already have. They add additional censorship because they think it's to "protect the children" just like with crossplay. It's a weak ass excuse to pander to the political parties that care about this shit. And if im a basement dwelling pleb, then that makes you a blind Sony fanboy that will defend any stupid decision they make.

CrimsonWing693d ago

but you'd get all up in arms if they censored violence or language? What's the difference? Who cares if it's nudity or not, who the hell wants a PG-rated version of an R-rated game regardless of what the content is?

It's the act of censorship that irritates people, not the fact that they can't see "virtual nudes".

TomatoDragon3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

In before censorship apologists and corporate slaves virtue signal, never even having any interest in the game to begin with.

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