Marble It Up Launches on Nintendo Switch, Coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4

Carl Williams writes, "3D marble style games are nothing new, we have seen them from time to time over the years. Super Monkey Ball comes to mind immediately for instance. While many are quick to attempt to copy a title like Super Mario 64 or release another racing game, we don’t see nearly enough takes on the Marble Madness style genre. Marble It Up by Bad Habit Productions is just that though, your marble and your guiding it through the haphazard world. Unlike Marble Madness, or Super Monkey Ball, your only enemy in Marble It Up is time trials ghosts you create or from friends and off world leaderboards. Yep, no enemies other than the environment that is."

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Orionsangel29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

They can't get Marble games right anymore. They're now all done with you racing forward and jumping. They should really follow the Marble Madness formula like Switchball did. That game is awesome! The PC version of Hamsterball was great too!