Wii gets a new update, version 3.4

Nintendo has released a new update to the Wii's firmware, which is now version 3.4. It is currently unclear whether the update disables the Twilight hack/Homebrew Channel. Full description of the update at the link.

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aftrdark213679d ago

Saw the blue light on my Wii this am.

civickid193679d ago

didnt get my update yet.

darthv723679d ago

I did the update this morn. My system shows 3.3u so I don't know where 3.4 came from. It said it was an update to the wii shop channel. I was hoping for SD storage being added as well as new media formats supported.

Product3679d ago

its been said that the new update is for the wii shop channel and that its only some dumb thing where your remote rumbles now when you point over things(as rumored)
im getting tired of these poor updates imo there hasnt been a big update since launch really(they have added acouple more channels)
We will see a big update for 4.0 thi spring when the sd card storage solution arrives with other stuff hopefully.
Till then this is prolly just more updates for the pirate hookers to worry about.

ChickeyCantor3679d ago

" im getting tired of these poor updates "

Yeah, its true...however these updates do more for the system than for us. They just keep making the Wii more stable for future games and such....but the functionalities don't really add up..

I mean there isn't even a ..."customize option"

Maxned3679d ago

Thats pretty damn lame. Come on when was the last time there was a god damn channel?

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The story is too old to be commented.