NVIDIA DLSS Provides 'Huge' Performance Boost at 4K in Dauntless; Dev Talks 1.0 and Console Release

Wccftech talked with Phoenix Labs, the studio behind Dauntless, to discuss their implementation of the new NVIDIA DLSS technology in the game, the road to version 1.0 and a potential release on console platforms.

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We've seen this a million times before Nvidia optimizes for the new cards while letting the old cards rot.

it's a dirty practice by a dirty company.

And I'm saying that as an owner. I have a 1070 TI and not because I want to but because I have to.

AMD get your s*** together

airshiraz96d ago

people think that 4k doesnt need anti aliasing and they r wrong .actually like 1080p it needs aa and even supesampling .i added supersampling and u wont believe how pretty are the games now .most important benefit of aa is that u feel that pictures are more 3d and they r not flat and its a big differenece.i wish with that dlss to have a better quality than traditional supersampling method which is realy heavy on gpu