A Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Limited Edition Is On The Way With GameCube Controller Included

It has been revealed that a limited edition of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will be available at retail alongside the game's standard December launch, featuring some extra goodies for us all to enjoy. So far this bundle has only been announced for Europe, though it may come to the US as well.

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Relientk7799d ago

I hope this comes to the U.S. too

mikeslemonade97d ago

Yep I will be getting this WiiU port.

DivineAssault 97d ago

Wii U port? How? LMAO just because its using the game assets doesnt mean its the same game in any way. Do you even know how many levels or tracks are in this>

-Foxtrot99d ago

Limited Edition? That's just a bundle man, you can buy those items separately

Nintendo has done a few good collectors edition in the past but once every so often. With highly rated franchises such as these why not go all out for them, seriously they should be a planning a huge collectors edition for this.

Neonridr98d ago

yeah it's literally only the box that is limited. Sort of a shame. They could have at least included a steelbook, maybe an art book, and a soundtrack or something like that. Like you said, there's nothing different about the controller or the adapter, so definitely an opportunity missed it seems.

-Foxtrot98d ago

It p***** me off because Nintendo shit's worth the price because of how collectible their products become years later. Think of old standard Nintendo games these days which go for a small fortune online because someone has kept them in good condition since the original games release years ago.

So if they do a collectors edition, a really good high quality one then it would be worth the money. I mean I liked the attempt they made with Breath of the Wild but surely they can do better then that, A bigger master sword statue maybe? A steelbook? Artbook? So on. The Metroid Samus Returns was spot on though for being a 3DS game so credit where it's earned.

I think it's more of a letdown because we've all seen the really cool shit they did on the Nintendo Stars program and in comparison to the stuff they have done for some collectors editions it's not as good. Remember these bad boys they had on the Stars shop?


Where was this sort of stuff for Mario Kart 8 or Mario Kart 8 Deluxe? Bundle them all in, decent sized, high quality and we'd buy the collectors edition in a heartbeat even if it was expensive. Why? Because that's the kind of shit you'd like to see in a collectors edition. Using Mario Kart 8 as an example again you had this bad boy in Germany...

I have it (complete luck on my part) and it's beautiful, I mean Nintendo did try something for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe but it wasn't as eye catching and it was another country exclusive.

So my point is they CAN do this stuff they just don't have the common sense to rake in some more money. It's insane, it's just people holding up their wallets and they'd rather give us this sort of stuff instead despite not being a real limited edition, but just a bundle.

There's so many things Nintendo could do, a Pokemon game with high quality replicas of the original 5 Pokeballs? A Smash Bros game with a huge statue of all the fighters on similar to the one Bungie did for Halo Reach? A Mario game with replica items such as a star, coin or mushroom? Mario Kart with the games trophies? Zelda with replicas of the tri force, Rupees or whatever the main item of the game is like the Ocarina or the Wind Waker? So on.

Neonridr98d ago

yep, Nintendo can definitely learn from some of the PS4 collector's editions. My Aloy, Drake and Kratos statues all look amazing side by side. The included artbooks were a nice touch too. I gotta make space for the Spiderman one coming out next month.

pcz97d ago

Nintendo don't listen to fans who cry out for updates of beloved franchises, proving they don't cater to fans at all.

Nintendo only cater for themselves. things like Labo prove this. they make what they want, or what they think will sell- not what the fans want.

so why on earth would they ever give fans what they want and create limited editions that are actually desirable? instead they bundle together standard editions with garbage, such as amiibo. and then simply put them in a bigger box.

just like everything else, Nintendo ignores market trends.

TheDriz97d ago

I have this from the wii u. The adapter, controller, and I have an old white gamecube controller. Doe all of this work for the switch?

Monster_Tard97d ago

Considering it works with every other Switch game, I'd assume so.

TheDriz97d ago

Word. Never tried it. It’s in a box somewhere but I’ll have to bust it out

WickedLester97d ago

Why would they NOT release this in the US? Makes no sense!

SR3881397d ago

The state's didn't get the beautiful Metroid Samus returns collectors edition or others

hanko1497d ago

it sux, its not coming out in australia

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