Rage 2 Will Have No Loading Screens, Will Realize The Promise of the Original Game

The developers discuss how the game learned from the failures of the original game.

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morganfell129d ago

By deduction, they then did not deliver on the promise of the original. Broken promise? Sounds like Rage 2 should be free.

FullmetalRoyale129d ago

Because that’s how things work.

NewMonday129d ago

the 1st needed a good story and interesting characters that make you want to discover more of the world, couldn't play more than 1 hour because it felt bland.


Accountablility right. Rage was a major let down. I like the car combate though.

Forn129d ago

New dev at the helm 😉

neutralgamer1992129d ago

Yes but their part history is shaky at best when it comes to story and characters so not sure if they will be able to deliver a good plot when that was the biggest thing with original rage

Hardiman129d ago

Good to hear because I loved the art style of the original! Just a little short and terrible ending but much promise and glad they are giving another go! Especially with the open world structure because I think it really fits this game! Day one!

Cmv38129d ago

This game screams for coop

Movefasta1993129d ago

If it's hop in and out coop like borderless and split screen It'll be cool

Profchaos129d ago

I'm pretty excited to try this e3 gave it the feel of fallouts wastes but with doom style game play and

Profchaos129d ago

And It's so smooth that.... To be continued

greywolf39129d ago

I loved original Rage. Awesome game, I dont like the 2nd one as the first, by the gameplay trailer. IMO

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