Ubisoft Exec: Games Don't End, We Have To Make Sure They Don't Stop So People Stay With Them

Ubisoft executive Laurent Detoc said that publishers have to commit to making sure that games don't stop at launch, so people stick with them over the long run as they did for many Ubisoft titles.

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codelyoko88d ago

Ubisoft rocks. Queue the downvotes if you will but they just do.

-Foxtrot88d ago (Edited 88d ago )

Maybe people will downvote because people know why they don’t

Ubisoft are hit and miss these days

HaveSumNuts87d ago (Edited 87d ago )

Well hey they might just perfect Assassins Creed by the 30th iteration.

-Foxtrot87d ago


Considering the fact Odyssey looks like a brand new game and hasn't got anything to do with Assassins or the Creed I think they'll end up making 3 new franchises within the franchise by the 3th iteration

annoyedgamer88d ago (Edited 88d ago )

The Watch Dogs and Far Cry 3 demos rocked too...then the actual games released.

I bought both, but thankfully nowhere near full price.

AspiringProGenji87d ago

I hope FC3 was a typo because FC3 was awesome. One of the few games I called sick to work to stay playing back in 2013-14, even if it aged a lot for me thanks to 4 and primal, but FC3 was awesome

annoyedgamer87d ago (Edited 87d ago )


The game played fine, but it was heavily downgraded. But in my opinion so did Watch Dogs, the game was amazing, but it looked terrible compared to the original demo.

AspiringProGenji87d ago (Edited 87d ago )

They do but sometimes they don’t. They can focus on services all they want as long as they don’t forget about their SP IPs and don’t gass them

The 10th Rider87d ago (Edited 87d ago )

Like Prince of Persia? Rayman? Who knows what Beyond Good and Evil will have and I wouldn't be shocked to see Splinter Cell have a focus on online elements as well. They've pretty much already cut back on single-player content.

thorstein87d ago

Ubisoft have reinvented themselves in the recent past. They are taking risks by releasing new IP after new IP.

I like new IPs. Sorry, I can't continue to play "GenericAnnualBattleRoyal eShooter" all of the time.

stefan_77186d ago

Ubisoft and Rockstar are the best developers out IMO

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Jackhass88d ago

No doubt, their post-launch support is second-to-none -- if only things weren't so routinely crummy at launch.

XbladeTeddy87d ago (Edited 87d ago )

Well, seems like they've learned that lesson. Origins, Far Cry 5 and Wildlands were good at launch so it's hopeful they will continue the trend.

staticall87d ago

Haven't played in Origins or Far Cry 5, but Wildlands was awful at launch - terrible helicopter controls, empty world without any incentive to expore it, repetitive missions, awful AI for everyone, a ton of missing features (no way to create distractions aside from special grenades, bodies disappear almost right after they touch the ground, capturing enemies is pointless, no way to customize AI partners, no garage/vehicle customization), bad progression system.

ShadowWolf71287d ago

Far Cry 5 was so fun... til the ending.

Italiano123456788d ago (Edited 88d ago )

But they do end which is why u put out sequels every year

Alexious87d ago

Uh, no. Rainbow Six: Siege launched in December 2015 and it's still going strong. They don't put out sequels every year for everything.

Darkwatchman87d ago

Rainbow Six and For Honor are their only true live service games

KaiPow87d ago

If that was true, we would have a Prince of Persia available on current gen.

rainslacker87d ago

Last gen, it was more about making sure that they didn't stay engaged too long, so they could sell the next game. A form of planned obsolescence. Now, they just want them to continue so they can make more money doing less work.

But every game ends. Even those that have practically infinite game play have huge drop offs of players at some point, as those players will always want something new.

neutralgamer199287d ago

Instead of worrying about how long players will keep playing and spending please focus on quality of your gaming content and not quantity

Platformgamer87d ago

ubisoft, do you know that even a game that ends, if done well, keep peolpe playing for years instead of a multiplayer shitty game?
i rather play rayman legends challenges because why not instead of AC, the division or other crap games like these

Kokyu87d ago (Edited 87d ago )

Games that have an end they find hard to monetize after the first sale. They want to provide craptastic smaller content packs for years to games instead of actually producing quality games that have deep stories they would rather have flash in the pan shallow MMO's sorry sorry MMO lights. This is all a step away from where games were headed. Games this gen have been less works of art more works of greed and half a$$ed attempts..

remixx11687d ago

F*ckin this guy gets it!!!

starchild87d ago

But the world doesn't revolve around you. Other people have different tastes and preferences. You may prefer to play Rayman Legends, but I would vastly prefer to play a game like Assassin's Creed Origins over Rayman Legends.

rainslacker87d ago

Yeah, some games are just fun to go back into once in a while. I still boot up GT6 once in a while. Rayman is always fun to putter around in if I don't have a lot of time, and I can work on trophies. Sometimes I'll just go back and replay a full game because I enjoyed it a while ago.

I tend to find that kind of stuff more fun than just ceaseless repetitive matches that tends to make up MP type game play.

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