Kill la Kill: The Game Gets First 1080p Screenshots and Key Art from Arc System Works

Arc System Works published the first 1080p screenshots of the upcoming game adaptation of the super-popular Kill la Kill anime.

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Heavenly King94d ago

EPIC FAIL that is. A battle arena game what a waste.

Neoprime94d ago

Yeah, I was hoping for a fighting game.

Born2Game8394d ago

Keep in mind this game is only published by Arc System.

gangsta_red94d ago

Every single game based on an Anime (or anything for that matter) should be handed to Arc Systems Works.

thejigisup94d ago

Between, them, capcom and connect2, I find myself asking this all the time.

d3nworth194d ago

personally i prefer platinum

gangsta_red94d ago

I say they should have a Cell games fight to see who gets it.

Blazphemy94d ago

Arc System Works is only publishing the game. It is being developed by Aplus.

gangsta_red94d ago

I see...well my point still stands! Lol

CrimsonWing6994d ago

Hope SJWs don’t try to go all r*tard strong over this one.

Asuka94d ago (Edited 94d ago )

I mean this is Kill la Kill. As lewd as it is on the surface there is an actual reason behind all of it (albeit convenient plot device). I do not think we need to fear to much of SJWs complaining about this I expect most people will probably ignore it tbh...

Excited for this anyway! Anime was a great watch love Studio Trigger

ErogeMaster94d ago

Needs sex from the tig bitties and tig bass

Smokehouse94d ago

My friend told me to watch this because I liked onepunch man. I forgot about it completely until I saw the title. The graphics look good and those are some wild outfits. Cartoon games are getting sharper by the year and that’s exciting from an aesthetic point of view. That break from the realism when they effectively blur the line between cartoon and game. It looks like a 3D game but I like the 2d style more generally for fighting games. Soul Calibur looks sick though. That’s my exception lol.

Asuka94d ago

its a decent anime. if you can get past all the lewd on the surface there is an actual plot with some significance in there. Just don't take it too seriously and you'll have fun with it, kinda like one punch man haha.

Smokehouse94d ago

The exaggerated goofy stuff is the bread and butter of animation imo. East, West, whatever. I want an open world futurama game in one of these anime game engines.

Heavenly King94d ago

this should have been a hack and slash + action adventure game. EPIC FAIL!

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