Daemon X Machina is a Spiritual Successor to Armored Core on Switch

US Gamer: One of today's more intriguing games was Daemon X Machina—a new mech action game with designs by Shōji Kawamori (Macross). Introduced during this morning's Nintendo Direct, it looked fun and interesting, but offered few details. I finally learned more this afternoon, and as I discovered, its mech pedigree runs even deeper than I first supposed, as many of its developers worked on Armored Core.

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Nitrowolf2101d ago

This has me super excited, was a surprised announcement

Asuka101d ago

Artsyle is very different from AC, but surprisingly it works really well. I am also quite excited to play this!

The 10th Rider101d ago

There really doesn't seem to be much attention on this considering the talent behind it. Tons of people have been clamoring for a new Armored Core title and considering this is headed by the producer of those games you'd think people would be eating it right up. Instead it seems most people are completely overlooking it.

Zeldafan64101d ago (Edited 101d ago )

If it doesn't have really good graphics most on this site will ignore it if it's Nintendo related. I just wonder if it'll have a decent story.

The 10th Rider101d ago

Yeah, I got downvoted for saying Nintendo announced this when someone else said Nintendo didn't announce any new IPs. I agree with what a lot of people are saying, that Nintendo's presentation was underwhelming, but come on, you can't straight up ignore things to make it look worse than it was.

Zeldafan64101d ago

Underwhelming? Yes. Terrible? No.

ZeekQuattro101d ago

I never heard of it until the reveal. It was a surprising game to open with and I love it already.

doggo84101d ago (Edited 101d ago )

I have my switch and im SUPER hyped for this game :D artstyle looks amazing, and we havent seen many mech games recently.

TallonIV101d ago

I agree but I think that's because we got no gameplay from the trailer.

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Tobse101d ago

The music didnt fit at all. Overall a horrible trailer for what could be a great game

Platformgamer101d ago

very boring trailer with a very shitty gameplay, with over the top metal ost that make it cringey

Taz X14101d ago (Edited 101d ago )

My problem with this is that while the mechs do look very reminiscent of armored core(which makes sense since Kawamori was the designer of the older games), the gameplay looked way too over the top for me (which also makes sense as he was a writer for Macross). I absolutely love the early armored core games, but they were about fine tuning your customization and being methodical in your approaches. For an analogy, Armored core used to be the Gran Turismo of mech games and this seems more Forza-esque...

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