We Asked Blizzard About Overwatch 2, Nintendo Switch Edition, Loot Boxes, And More

Q&A: Blizzard answers our burning questions about the PS4, Xbox One, and PC multiplayer shooter. Having recently crossed an astonishing 40 million players, Blizzard's hero shooter Overwatch has been one of the most successful multiplayer shooters in recent years. Part of what makes the game so great is Blizzard's ongoing commitment to improving the game and responding to fan feedback about what works and what doesn't. It is a game with a vibrant community.

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VTKC178d ago

Lets hope Overwatch 2 doesn't become Nintendo exclusive like how Bayonetta 2 did. Thanks for ruining it for me Nintendo. I still aint buying your console and your cardboard. Snes and Gamecube were great, but not since then.