My Dad's Fallout 4 Settlement is Better Than Mine and It's Not Okay

It's probably better than yours, too. Prepare to be jealous.

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Elwenil182d ago

I hope this was written as a joke. There are some really nice settlement builds out there and pretty much all of mine are way better than this. Not even worth the clicks.

Mmmkay182d ago

settlements are a joke. the game would have been better without them.

Cobra951182d ago (Edited 182d ago )

That's Sanctuary with some additions, most of which I've done myself. I've lined up power armor suits, set up displays for bobbleheads and magazines, strung up lights, assembled crude buildings, set up turrets on rooftops, a perimeter of guard posts, and built robots to man the posts. I never came close to the impressive settlements others have created, and neither has your dad. Sorry. It's nice, though. But where's the farm for the ingredients to cook adhesive? Gotta have one of those.

Edit: Oh, I like those basketball hoops set up as lamp posts. Nice idea. I might use it sometime.