A Single Gears of War 2 Map Pack is Currently Free

The Combustible Map Pack from Gears of War 2 is currently available for free joining two other past map packs from the series that have seen a price reduction to zero.

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81BX260d ago

Gears2. Oh how I loved and hated it

IamTylerDurden1260d ago (Edited 260d ago )

My favorite was Gears 1, followed by Gears 2. The original Gears trilogy was far superior to the last 2 games. Gears 1 and 2 were very important games for the 3rd person shooter genre. Gears 4 just seemed like it attempted to copy Epic's original trilogy rather than trying to innovate. I think Black Tusk needs to put their own stamp on the series.

jagermaster619259d ago

Who is black tusk? I'm guessing you mean The Coalition. Yes the once were called that but that name got scrapped years ago.

81BX259d ago

My biggest gripe other than the various mp fixes was a glitch that existed in gears 3 as well. If your Xbox was shut off a certain point during or after a match it reset your mp rank to 0. I was [email protected]#king mad!

IamTylerDurden1260d ago (Edited 260d ago )

Free maps are always good. It was awesome when Guerrilla/Sony gave free maps in Killzone SF and Killzone Mercenary. Every DLC map was free, it was a great gesture.

skycaptin5259d ago

It would be great to see all the older last generation Gears of War titles have the DLC available for free, I believe they did so with all the old Halo DLC packs.