ARK: Survival Evolved announced for Switch

ARK: Survival Evolved is coming to Switch, Survival Evolved has announced. The news was just shared during an event at GDC.

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Doge118d ago

That's pretty impressive :o

Antnee534118d ago

Im so excited for this!!!

cpayne93117d ago

Wow I did not see that coming. Pretty suspicious of optimization given the other platforms, but who knows

DigitalRaptor117d ago


Not looking forward to seeing how badly it runs.

Foraoise117d ago

ignorance is bliss. Watch the videos they have of undocked mode. It's actually running well.

cpayne93117d ago

Wow its hard to tell how good it looks but it does look promising.

marloc_x117d ago

Excellent. Nintendo online is about to evolve..

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