Fortnite removed friendly fire as an experiment in combating player toxicity

Epic Games’ decision to get rid of the friendly fire feature in Fortnite: Battle Royale was completely driven by solving in-game toxicity.

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DarkVoyager209d ago

People are a**holes. I can’t count how many times a squad member killed me for the hell of of it.

Kashima209d ago

Now it won't be battleroyal

Mista2018207d ago

only for the team modes, u dolt.

Mista2018207d ago

As much as I love the realism of Rainbow 6, it really needs to remove team kill. Every match has a team killer now. Not fun anymore.

GameBoyColor207d ago

I legit feel bad when the enemy team is wiped out by a tker

Claudinho69207d ago

how it should be for all online shooters

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