No Differences Between XB1X & PS4 Pro in Gravel, Except Microsoft's Console Will Lack HDR Support

Milestone confirmed that there won't be meaningful differences between Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro while running Gravel, except for the fact that Microsoft's console will lack HDR support unlike Sony's (and PC).

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KaiPow300d ago

It sounds like a strange omission, but I guess that's the limitation of an old version of UE4.

Brian7655492300d ago

It also sounds like they don't want to take the time (now) to use all of the Xbox One X resources.

"After working on Xbox One X we can say that there have definitely been effective improvements in quality and performance, Xbox One X is surely a very powerful and carefully engineered console. Developing on the Xbox One X is phenomenal, the kits and the tools provided by Microsoft are excellent and, for our developers, it feels like targeting a high-end PC without crazy hardware configurations and OS overhead."

This is encouraging moving forwrd.

Nitrowolf2300d ago (Edited 300d ago )

I think you're right but I can't find the article expanding a bit more on this.

If I recall HDR needs to be manually implemented on the Xbox One X where as on the pro it's done automatically. Adding 4k support though is a cake walk.

I hope they add it though even though I don't own an Xbox x to me personally I like the jump in HDR than I do in 4k

combatcash300d ago

@NITROWOLF I agree HDR really transforms a game. I was hoping rise of tomb raider had it on the pro

TheCommentator300d ago

To top it off, it's not even running with DX12 support which means it's poorly optimized for Xbox in general. Probably because it's such an old version of UE4 like Kai Pow says.

Makes me wonder though; If it's because it's running on an old version of UE4 shouldn't that mean the PS4 wouldn't support it either? They run on the same engine, right? Eh, maybe Nitrowolf is right and they'll add it in but the interview seemed pretty adamant that it wasn't supported (not even a, "we're looking into it").

343_Guilty_Spark300d ago

Can’t trust Japanese devs to do the right thing.

tmisellati300d ago

if the HDR is easy to implement on the ps4 pro , then why there is still no HDR for games like the rise of tomb raider and the witcher 3 ?

rainslacker300d ago (Edited 300d ago )


It's not exactly automatic on PS4. The dev still has to set up the HDR profiles, as they aren't standard things you get from textures or shaders and it's handled on a rendering level. This is the case on both consoles. However, both system can use the same HDR profiles, as the profiles themselves are based off the HDR10 spec.

The automatic implementation as you mention it, is that no extra work is necessary on the PS4 once the profile has been set up, whereas, there are a couple extra steps on Xbox to tie in the HDR profile to the API code which handles it. It's not overly taxing to do, and mostly just means a few changes to ini type files, and of course the testing which is still done on both consoles regardless.

But I 100% agree with you that HDR has more effect on image quality on these systems than any of the snazzy power stuff that the systems allow. Plus, it's a great improvement which has practically no overhead in terms of system resources.


Assuming they did the low level code, it wouldn't matter if they used DX11 or DX12 on the system. Outside of the rendering pipeline having some changes, there is no significant difference between the two versions on the X1 or X1X, although X1X does do some of the DX12 specific code better, but no games out right now actually use any of those specific pieces of code yet that I'm aware of.

HDR implementation on UE4 has been available for PS4/PS4P since before the PS4P released. It wasn't released for UE4 until I think 2-3 months before the X1X released. This was more because the hardware specs and more importantly the API implementations for it weren't made available until then. Nothing Epic could have done until they had that. The update would be easy enough to implement in older versions of UE4, but depending on when code lock happened with the game, they may not have been able to implement it for the games release. That means it might be released a bit later.

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Godmars290300d ago ShowReplies(13)
babadivad300d ago

How did I know this story would make it to the top of the front page on N4G. . .

codelyoko300d ago

Good thing I'll buy it on PC and have the best version.

frostypants300d ago (Edited 300d ago )

Only if you have a good enough PC. Funny how such comments always leave that out. If you have at least a GTX 1060 or RX 480, sure...

Rhythmattic300d ago (Edited 300d ago )

Funny how even a 2nd hand 980 can outperform the cards you mentioned.

FinalFantasyFanatic300d ago

The only problem is that the price of GPUs and Ram is really out of hand, personally I'd wait till at least the price of GPUs became reasonable otherwise you just blow the budget too easily at the moment. Unless you already have an equivalent card or better hanging about somewhere.

nowitzki2004299d ago (Edited 299d ago )

Maybe he knows that he has "a good enough PC"??

frostypants299d ago

@Rythmatic, and it also costs at least as much. What point do you think you're making?

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Xx_Pistol_xX299d ago

When PC gets The Last of Us 2, Spiderman and God of war then maybe.

Relientk77300d ago

There are no differences... well except for this one thing

love when people say that lol

bestofthebest300d ago (Edited 300d ago )

Kinda disappointed with no hdr on xbox

TheColbertinator300d ago

I keep telling people indie development is mostly a joke. Exclusives on the other hand demonstrate true raw power.

rainslacker300d ago

I don't think they're a joke, they're just limited in resources. I just think that people expect them to be able to do everything that the bigger devs can do with much more money, and many more people, typically with tons of experience backing them up.

I just see sites like Gamingbolt and wcctech, like to use these devs to generate their clickbait, which makes them look lazy because they can't spend the time to do certain things for certain platforms. These sites build an expectation that the devs should be able to do everything the big devs do, and the community likes to do the same thing in the interest of the console war.

Belinker300300d ago

Absolutely true,God of War,Death Stranding, Spiderman etc will alway's look and perform better than any third party title enhanced for the One X

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