Sea of Thieves Dev Explains Why the Maximum Crew Size Is 4 Players

Rare's had feedback asking for larger parties, but four is the magic number for now.

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drpepperdude303d ago

I can sea more than four being a little overwhelming for directing everyone on what to do, especially if you are not playing with friends but random people. In the beta I personally enjoyed sailing alone and the two man crew. When it came to playing with three other people without a mic... our pirate dreams of finding the most booty sunk pretty quickly.

Shmeidi301d ago

Definitely a game where you need mics.

301d ago
FITgamer301d ago

...and where everyone speaks the same language lol. IDK why but during the Alpha and Beta I was constantly getting thrown into lobbies with French speaking players.

Cyborgg301d ago (Edited 301d ago )

I was getting thrown around with kids that was messing around and speaking different languages.

frostypants301d ago (Edited 301d ago )

"I can sea more than four being a little overwhelming"

I sea what you did there.

Anyway, yeah, I wish games like this required mics...E.G., forced a mic check before matchmaking.

UnHoly_One301d ago

People would just plug one in to pass the check and then let it sit on the couch.

UnHoly_One301d ago

I had more fun on the 2 man ship as well.

I'm hoping in the full version they allow groups of three.

Even if it was 3 on the 2 man ship I'd be fine with that.

mark_parch301d ago

Totally agree, they have to have a 3 man crew, even if it's on a big ship. Ive been playing the beta with a friend on a 2 man ship which was epic fun but another friend plans to join us at launch and I don't want to have a random player thrown in every time we want to play

frostypants301d ago

My initial excitement for this game is deteriorating by the day...

ImGumbyDammit301d ago (Edited 301d ago )

Why because you can't have a chaotic crew of 20 pirates to command or ignore you? I have had just the opposite experience. My original expectations were at best timid and over the alpha and now closed beta they have become exceedingly positive for this game. Especially considering all the changes they have made and enhancements they have added or have planned for the game. A lot more fun than I definitely expected. Easy for anyone to pickup and play.

Rachel_Alucard301d ago

If you haven't heard, try blackwake on steam for your pirate needs. It's in early access and its multiplayer only but it's only $20, has no micro-transactions whatsoever, and lets you coordinate a team of up to 16 people atm. It's more objective based but you have to physically coordinate with everyone when operating canons and repairing the ship when its sinking.

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WilliamSheridan301d ago

My pre-order is already in...

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