The Exploding Barrel: Portal Prelude Review

Mark writes:

"Portal Prelude, the unofficial prequel to Portal, hit the internet a few days ago and I recently got a chance to play through it. Though fully aware that this mod was developed by a group of dedicated fans, my expectations for this game were high nonetheless. After all, you can't simply call something a prequel to one of the best games of last year. You have to be able to match it in quality as well, but living up to a game that won rampant critical acclaim for its groundbreaking gameplay and story is obviously no easy task."

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Lyan3298d ago

Interesting that a fan made mod is getting a full review, even if it isn't the nicest review.

Wish I had gotten portal on PC so that I could try it out. I really do love that PC developers make things open enough to allow people to create from their works.