VGC Impressions: Valkyria Chronicles

The prettiest war you might ever see, and a fun SRPG to boot.

The Strategy Role Playing Game genre is one in which most games use a similar battle system. The average SRPG will throw you and your team mates onto a gridded battlefield with the ability to move and attack within a certain number of squares on the grid. Valkyria Chronicles, however, is by no means your average SRPG. The demo, unfortunately, did not touch on the story whatsoever, but from what I have read you take control of a company within the army of Gallia, a small neutral country caught in the middle of the Second Europan War. Your country is soon targeted by the Eastern Europan Imperial Alliance for it's rich resources, and a draft is initiated. I dare not read further, as I may ruin the story for myself since the game is already released in Japan, and therefore will have to stop there.

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GWAVE3541d ago

I played it a few months ago. My buddy knows Japanese. I don't, so he helped me understand the menus and some of the basic dialog.

But anyway, the gameplay is phenomenal. It's definitely a fresh take on the RPG genre. It's not a shooter with RPG elements (a la System Shock 2 or Deus Ex), but rather it's an RPG with shooter elements. There's so much to customize and tweak, but if you approach it as a shooter, you may end up disappointed, because your characters can't aim worth squat until they've leveled up several times.

kewlkat0073541d ago

reminds me of Advanced Wars on the DS which is a kewl game but I couldn't get into it.

peedie163541d ago

I really hope this game gets the sales it deserves

DARKTRINITYxxx3541d ago (Edited 3541d ago )

Had this game on preorder berore the demo came out. Love Anime and RPGS of any kind so after playing the demo its made want the game now. So glad they moved the release date forword to the end of this month on the same day Fallout 3 releases. Cant wait for the postman to post this game and Fallout 3 through my letterbox.