Forza Motorsport 7 Composer Interview - Part 1

Neocrisis - We have been able to get a interview with both Kaveh Cohen and Michael Nielsen. Both of which worked on composing the new sound for Forza Motorsport 7. Part 1 of our interview is with Kaveh Cohen.

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timotim9d ago

I'm being serious when I say that I was promised a custom soundtrack feature for FM7 since before launch and have yet to get it! Game game desperately needs it though. The soundtrack is forgettable and the spacial sound sound implemented in the game already would work well with it. I keep waiting and the more time that goes by the more I think it's not coming. FH3 had it at launch on day one, why can't Motorsport give us the same?

jazzking20018d ago

Was the sound track as a pre-order bonus or something?

Belinker3008d ago

It comes as paid DLC through loot boxes

timotim8d ago

For starters, there is no paid loot boxes in the game that use real money to purchase. Where are you getting this?

8d ago
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