Gravity Rush 2 Servers Extended Following Fan Pressure

Following news of the closure of the Gravity Rush 2 servers, fan pressure has led to an extension.

FallenAngel19845d ago

Why even close them so soon in the first place?

PhantomS425d ago

Server population was probably very low and the cost of keeping them up and maintained costs a lot.

nitus104d ago

It is possible to have separate applications or even virtual machines that are associated with different games.

A physical machine does have costs associated with it such as floor space, heating, cooling, software and hardware maintenance just to name a few. However, applications and virtual machines don't have a physical cost although they do require software maintence, overall they are fairly cheap to maintain.

vuziwe5d ago

G00gle pay 85$ per hour my last pay check was $8500 operating a hundred hours per week on-line. My younger brother friend has been averaging 12k for months currently and he's employed concerning twenty two hours per week. I can’t believe however simple it had been once i attempted it out. this is often what I do.

chris2355d ago

because not many people liked the game?

zeuanimals4d ago

It reviewed well and I haven't heard from one person who's played it that they didn't like the game. Sony just didn't push this game at all and so it sold poorly.

BlaqMagiq14d ago

The game got great reviews so that's a lie.

Obscure_Observer5d ago

Gamers pay for PSN and Sony shuts down servers for their full priced first party games in less than a year? Unacceptable.

travestyj5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

PS+ isn't needed for GR2 so none of the money goes to maintaining the servers. The online stuff is barely anything, just a little extra collectible stuff.

AspiringProGenji4d ago

Spoken like someone who doesn’t have any clue of this game

michellelynn09765d ago

Poor sales. Which is a shame. To me, this was my fav ps4 game of 2017. Heck, probably of all time and it didn't sell.

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Toiletsteak5d ago

I still need to play this game... Goddamn backlog!

Kurisu5d ago

I bought it a week or two ago in a 2 for £25 PSN sale. Got it along with Wipeout Omega Collection. Haven't started it yet either!

Septic5d ago

Same. Enjoyed the demo. Got Persona next though

DarXyde5d ago


I'll take it. Thank you, Sony.

Outlawzz5d ago

Great plenty of time now. Gotta pick this up loved the first one

zeuanimals4d ago

The online functionality doesn't really add anything, just some collectibles and some small community stuff like sharing pictures and hunting for "treasure" using said pictures.

sigrid5d ago

It's so unfortunate they even want to shut them down. The treasure hunts and photo sharing is really fun. It's an awesome non-competitive non-violent multiplayer system which is so very rare. And the best part is you don't even need PSN to do it.

Gravity Rush 2 is such a great game the art and music are amazing especially the music which isn't that cheesy Hollywood knock off crap that's a dime a dozen that could be swapped between any number of a hundred games and no one would even notice.

I just hope they continue making Gravity Rush games, the character Kat and the stories are just uplifting and wonderful.

AspiringProGenji5d ago

What’s with the disagrees? This game was indeed great

ThatGuyDart5d ago

It's one of the most underrated and underappreciated Sony ips that they have. There is an anime short on YouTube that ties the first game to the second game. It was so unbelievably well done that people were begging Sony to make it a full on anime, which would be VERY possible for Sony to do since they own Funimation.

If Sony actually invested some time and money in Gravity Rush, it could be much more than it currently is.

zeuanimals4d ago

Funimation doesn't really make its own anime, though. They basically only distribute anime in the US. But with Sony's acquisition, maybe they'll change it up? I doubt it since Funimation is an American based company and I don't know where they'd start. Are they gonna start up a studio in their own state of Texas? Or are they gonna contract studios in Japan/South Korea? Maybe start a studio in Japan with their connections to previous artists and writers and Sony's own connections?

But I agree, GR has a ton of potential and it's sad that this is gonna be the last we likely see of it.

sigrid4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

They actually invested a lot into it. There were TV ads in both the west and Japan they also did free DLC for the game including story and costume. They really wanted this game to be a hit.

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