2018 is a Rebuilding Year for Xbox

Strap in Xbox fans, 2018 is a rebuilding year. To clarify, a rebuilding year is most commonly found in the world of sports. It references a team or club spending time and resources on building today for a championship tomorrow. While it’s maybe a crude apology, it’s clear that Microsoft has been in a rebuilding phase for a while now. The real question then is when will the Xbox be championship ready?

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bobsmith310d ago

i hope crackdown 3 soon could be big like pubg and gta but futuristic and new halo at end of yr with a pubg fortnite mode too

vuziwe310d ago

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NXFather309d ago

UhOh I found U. Netflix and chill girl.


Ya I think GTA battle royal would be great as well.

lxeasy309d ago

Not really too excited for a new Halo maybe next year, however I am excited for Sea of Thieves and State of Decay 2

Godmars290310d ago

So long as their focus remains online multiplayer, 3rd party, any amount of rebuilding they do will be pointless.

AspiringProGenji310d ago

They’ve been rebuilding since Phil Spencer took over and still lagging behind and underperforming. The XboxX is yet another try but the PS4 momentum remains untouched. So much for 4K and 6TF...

Kingthrash360310d ago

What was 2017 to them?....vacation? Lol

mark_parch310d ago

The xbox doesn't need to beat ps4 to be a success it just needs more console exclusive games. sea of thieves, state of decay 2 and crackdown 3 is a good start but Microsoft really need to show more console exclusives at e3 ( not launch exclusives )

Dragonscale310d ago

@mark, shame ms don't see it that way.

DJStotty310d ago

But things are undeniably better since Phil took over. Kinect is gone. TV is gone. Now they need to build more games

Cobra951310d ago

Not a vacation. It was the year they dropped the ball, and even they can't pretend they didn't. That makes 2018 the year to pick the ball back up and run with it--if they're serious about staying in this business.

TheCommentator309d ago

Did you really believe that the One X would make Xbox outsell the PS4? If you did, then it's clear that you never paid attention to anything MS said (actually it's clear from every post you make). Besides, anyone who isn't blind can see MS isn't catching Sony this gen no matter what they do. Sony could stop selling PS4 for three years and MS probably wouldn't catch up.

Furthermore, you're talking about 2017 like the One X was there the entire year to compete against Sony, when in reality it released a few months before the holidays. Besides that, MS stated that over the last few years their main focus had been on releasing the XB1X, and with the design of the 1X out of the way they were turning more of their resources/focus towards acquiring exclusive games and new studios.

It's true, MS hasn't done enough with building a portfolio of new IP that reviewed well, but they have made some effort to get new games out to gamers. Cancellations and poor reviews aside, they made effort every year; just not as much as Sony. MS lost big time this gen but Nintendo also pushed themselves to the brink of failure with the N64 and Gamecube yet still managed to make a comeback. MS screwed up with the launch of the XB1, made a real mid-gen system with the release of One X while still attempting to create several new IP, and now wants to primarily focus on software and studios (which is what you guys are complaining about most of the time).

Also, you said Xbox is, "...still lagging behind AND underperforming." If you're trying to insinuate that the 1X is underperforming with, "...4K and 6TF", then why does every game that is Pro/1X enhanced look so much better on the 1X? Not just resolution, but filtering, LOD, lighting, and more.
A better question is, why did you come here for years talking about 180 lines of resolution, (the only difference) making XB1 a last gen console over PS4, and now that the Pro can't keep up (by a much wider margin) the 1X is underperforming? Sounds a bit hypocritical to me.

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Magnetar309d ago

While I like single player games also, MS has always focused on multiplayer and co-op games and there’s nothing wrong with that.

FallenAngel1984310d ago

“There is no question that this initial impression of the Xbox One is the sole reason that, 7 years later, it is still being outsold 3-to-1 by the PlayStation 4.”

The PS4 is at 73.6 million while XO is at 36+ million. That’s not a 3-to-1 ratio.

Also lmao at this article for reminding me of that “Greatest Games Lineup in Xbox History” slogan.

FallenAngel1984310d ago

Yeah the author can’t do simple math

neolego310d ago

While I am perfectly capable of simple math, The 4 and 7 can sometimes be an issue on a 10 key. Guess maybe my fingers get ahead of me every now and then. Thanks for so politely pointing it out. That error has been updated.

JackBNimble310d ago

Didn't they teach you to proof read in school. I mean if you're going to write an article one would think that would be the first thing you do before posting.

neolego310d ago

@JackBNimble - You are absolutely right. I did learn to proofread in school. What they didn't teach me was how to be perfect and without error for my entire life. If you teach a class on that let me know where I can attend. I would love to never again burden someone with a typo that might ruin their entire life. Hit me up.

Nyxus309d ago

I wouldn't say that is the 'sole reason'. It's just that the PS4 is the better option. There are very few interesting games on XB1 that can't be played on PS4, and there are a lot the other way around.

neolego309d ago

To be fair, the whole article is opinion, but I would say it was the sole reason. I'm not saying that PlayStation wouldn't still be #1, but there would not be near the disparity there is now had both consoles launched at the same price with no confusion about digital rights management.

CaptainObvious878309d ago

We don't know what the xbone is at. The last official numbers ms gave were years ago.

So the ratio could very well be 3-1.

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SpaceRanger310d ago

Another rebuilding year? Ok.

neolego310d ago

As I tried to point out, I honestly think they've been in a rebuilding phases since the Xbox One Reveal Event. Why I think 2018 is key has everything to do with The Xbox One X launching last year. For the first time since 2013, it feels like the Xbox finally has momentum. This leads me to believe that it will use that momentum in 2018 to try and finish this generation on a high note.

310d ago
Sitdown310d ago

Since your are confident, give us an exact timeframe, if not, just stop.

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