Killing the Kinect was a horrible move

Why would you remove one of the best features for the console?

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Neonridr107d ago

best features? I mean I guess it had a few uses, but I would hardly call it something that was utilized for any real purpose.

darthv72107d ago

the tech behind it just wasnt suitable for gaming needs. It has been reverse engineered to do some amazing things outside of gaming but the game space it did deliver was not thought out to the fullest extent.

Had they opted to not make statements like "you are the controller" and instead found ways to make using kinect WITH a controller something acceptable then it could have gone on to get more support as a companion to, not a replacement for, the controller.

Skull521107d ago

Na smart move, the horrible move was making everyone buy one when they didn't want it.

Neonridr107d ago

I still remember the initial concept videos. That would have been a lot cooler, but ultimately it was nothing like anything they showed.

RacerX107d ago

Last year, I got an Xbox One S. I got the kinect adaptor because I thought I would miss the kinect. I never hooked it up and forgot it existed. Guess that says enough for my house.

TheCommentator107d ago

They really could have made it useful alongside a controller, and I always imagined its potential in that regard. Lean to peek around corners. Silently send orders to troops with hand gestures. Head tracking to look into corners in Forza. As it turned out, I disliked the first Kinect so much that I never even hooked 2.0 up to my XB1.

You said it though; people hacked Kinect to do some amazing things for remote surgeries, optics for robotics, ghost hunting, etc. I honestly think Kinect motion tracking is really just evolving to become part of the AR space with Hololens and other similar devices anyways.

Unspoken107d ago

Click bait approved article...hmm

bouzebbal107d ago (Edited 107d ago )

Fanboys a always defended it by saying that they always used it.
Now that they killed it those same trolls think it's ok to do so.
Kinect tech was garbage and hardly works. It works so bad that MS never showed live demo and the few they showed were biaised (star wars)

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MakoD107d ago (Edited 107d ago )

Kinect was always a bad input device for gaming other than kids games and dance games, generally.

Don't worry though, Microsoft is shutting down a good portion of their consumer based products:
- Groove Music (formerly Xbox music and formerly Zune Music)
- Zune player
- Windows Phone (is essentially dead)
- Games for Windows Live (shutdown)
- Kin
- Kinect
- Web TV
- Home Server

At this point, other than Office (which is still a business/enterprise) program and the web versions of those that serve a duel purpose, there isn't much consumer based products/services for Microsoft to axe other than maybe consumer version of Windows. Cortana will probably be axed next, as Alexa is taking over and Microsoft appears to be folding on that.

TankCrossing106d ago (Edited 106d ago )

Well in terms of consumer services there is obviously Xbox Live....

Cortana woulda coulda been a rival to Alexa, but Microsoft have failed to push it living rooms/phones/cars. With the death of Kinect they don't have it on Xbox in a meaningful way, which is an obvious opportunity missed. They should have included an integrated Mic in the Xbox S and X, and expanded into other rooms with an Echo Dot equivalent.

If they do kill Cortana then Bing may be on the way out too. Lots of investment down the toilet there.

DJStotty106d ago


You can use the headset for cortana on xbox

darthv72106d ago

I have to say, Zune was a really nice portable media player. Much more flexible in terms of media support and not be limited to a single PC like the ipod was. Apple just had a the lock on being the thing to carry around for your music even though Zune and a slew of others from companies like creative, archos and sony all had better products than apple.

so in that regard, Zune failed along with all the others in the face of the mighty ipod. Same with Windows Phone against the iphone but Android is doing quite well in holding its own against Apple.

AmUnRa106d ago (Edited 106d ago )

Jeah the Windowsphone. They bought Nokia, and what did they do with it....they lost a big amount of money with this deal.
But thats Microsoft...🙄

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letsa_go107d ago

This is just one horrible move in a series of horrible moves that the xbox division has made since about 2012-2013. We saw a preview of what was to come when MS stuck microtransactions in the free-to-play Doritos Crash Course 2. That was when I first noticed a change in their strategy and I didn't like it. They wanted those casual gamers and kinect was part of that strategy to get the wii crowd. They completely abandoned their core gamers and left them to sony to gobble up. It wasn't until the past year or so that they realized their mistake and have been trying to get those gamers back. It might be too late this generation though! Imagine if they had a 3D platformer from Rare ready to compete with Mario Odyssey! They could've easily! But they didn't. I am so confused by their strategy, hopefully they can work it out next gen.

Bigpappy107d ago

People on this site should really put some effort into speaking for themselves. Because you dont like the device, does not mean it didn’t serve a purpose.

I still have and use my Kinect. I wish the option was still there. I would have continued to purchase one when it needed to be replaced, it was the best device of its kind.

Neonridr106d ago

well I am speaking for myself. I didn't feel it had enough purpose. Hence why it was deemed useless... in my opinion. Take it for what it is I guess. I am glad you found good uses for it, I am sure some people really enjoyed it. It just felt gimmicky to me dating back to the 360 days.

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-Foxtrot107d ago

Keeping the Kinect as a core feature for the Xbox One was a horrible move

gangsta_red107d ago

I wouldn't have mind if MS actually supported the thing but yes, it was a bad move having it come with. It not only was not supported but it added an extra 100 to the price tag.

Godmars290107d ago

It is why the XBX is a thing. It not being built around Kinect as well as having beefed up hardware.

fivoleka107d ago

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Jarrodlamp1980106d ago

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rainslacker106d ago

Yep. If they hadn't of tried to force the Kinect, they could have come out stronger in hardware sooner, and maybe they wouldn't have had to rely so much on a new console to try and bring sales up. They could have focused more of software, and maybe built their brand over the generation, instead of spending the entire generation playing catch up to the competition, and realistically, falling behind whatever good they built during the 360 days.....where I actually felt they did more for the brand than I ever would have thought them possible for.

Right now, despite all the stuff that MS has done for the X1, they haven't built the brand at all. IT's remained stagnant, or even regressed, as I haven't seen so much animosity towards their lackluster gaming line up in their entire history. Even when they cut back at the end of the 360 era, it wasn't as bad as it is now.

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SCW1982107d ago

Because the data showed that hardly anyone in the user base was actually using it.

Aenea107d ago (Edited 107d ago )

Yeah, but 'journalists' tend to not think properly and/or are just more interested in the clicks!

Sciurus_vulgaris107d ago

The Kinect took money away from AAA games, the device overstayed its welcome.

Profchaos107d ago (Edited 107d ago )

Also stole ram from the os and games

Aenea106d ago

MS has plenty of money to have done both if they had wanted to...

haydenlake106d ago

You clearly don’t understand how businesses work.

Nyxus107d ago

What do you mean, it can still be used as a paperweight, which was its main functionality to begin with.