Resident Evil Revelations Collection Review | We Got This Covered

Is Capcom's combo of survival-horror re-releases a duo of top-notch ports or a braindead disaster? Read on to find out our full thoughts and impressions.

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Tross339d ago (Edited 339d ago )

Indeed. I really want some confirmation on where Jill has been since Revelations 2, and I think she's overdue for another game appearance, although maybe alongside another forgotten Resident Evil character. Come to think of it, what does Rebecca do for fun these days?

Also, I think the two Revelations titles we currently have are a great compromise between the old school and the new school. They contain elements of the classic titles, but also aren't afraid to try new things and adopt mechanics that are more popular in the current era. The main series is where the bulk of experimentation can be done though. I respect Revelations more for being the comfort food for longtime fans. Maybe going forward we can continue to have two series running side by side within the same franchise that both offer us something different but equally that Resident Evil 6 is a distant memory that is.

solderman340d ago

Collection? it is missing Revelations 1 on the game card and my Switch storage has run out.