Xbox One X GPU Compute Power Close To GTX 1080, Its Memory/Bandwidth Close To Titan X Series: Dev

Anton Yudintsev, CEO at Gaijin Entertainment, developer of War Thunder on the Xbox One X's GPU.

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NoPeace_Walker314d ago (Edited 314d ago )

Be_st console ever made. The memory/bandwidth speed of 326gb/sec, 12gb of GDDR5 ram, and 6tflop of GPU are all impressive parts of the X. A feat that is unprecedented on console. The only console truly worthy of pairing with my 4K HDR TV. 👍🏼

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Death314d ago

Last I checked Forza was an exclusive and ran at 60 FPS. Tell us again why Xbox exclusives don’t count and why third party games that make up the bulk of both catalogs are irrelevant too. Sales of the games you believe are most important don’t back your claims. Most exclusives struggle to attract 2% of the available gamers yet you make it sound like they are the only games that matter. It’s very strange to see.

fr0sty314d ago

PUBG is exclusive, and it runs at 15-20fps... GPU isn't everything.

That said, nobody can pretend this isn't the most powerful console ever made. Accept it for what it is, and what it isn't.

Razzer314d ago

Last I checked the GTX 1060 can run Forza 7 at 4K/60.

thekhurg314d ago

Everyone with a functional brain knows that this article and developer are complete horse crap.

But so is this junk website that N4G hasn't blacklisted yet for their continual click bait articles.

The Xbone X isn't anywhere near a GTX 1080. It's a ludicrous claim. Dynamic resolution at 30fps is not a symptom of a GTX 1080.

NewMonday314d ago (Edited 314d ago )


facepalmed at the headline, the XBoneX isn't even performing at GTX 1070 level.

anybody who games on PC knows you don't compare AMD TFLOPS with nVidia TFLOPS.

in one of the comparisons a 5.8TF AMD card runs Crysis3 at 41FPS while a 5.8 nVidia card runs the same game at 69FPS

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sinspirit313d ago

Why do people keep spewing "best hardware" nonsense? It's 2017, almost 2018, and the console launched at a $500 price tag. Of course, it's the strongest hardware on the market at the moment. That still doesn't make it good as a console. If they made it use a normal version of Windows or allow SteamOS then that would be an entirely different situation. But, they won't. As great as the hardware is for the money, it makes it even more obvious how screwed up Microsoft's priorities are. After leaving gamers struggling to find defining games for their console and reasons to chose it over the other, they instead just release a newer console, while already releasing limited edition controllers every other month, and that is after their sales were already so low they weren't reporting them anymore.

You won't be saying the same captain obvious statements about hardware when the new console generation starts in 2 years.

soulsx313d ago

Unreal01 - 30 fps is limited in games just because CPU is weak gpu is strong and console optimalisation make this gpu stronger than 6 tflop

ShinnokDrako313d ago

More powerful console for now, yes. Best console? Not even close.

fiveby9313d ago

I'll be buying a PS4 Pro. For a "Gaming" Console, it has the most critical factor. Games. Pro still looks amazing. Everyone I know plays on PS4 so Xbox holds very little for me other than some additional pixels.

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morganfell313d ago

"Last I checked Forza was an exclusive and ran at 60 FPS. "

No. Just stop it. The game is on PC as well and not an exclusive. What's your fallback, it's being published by MS? It's on Windows? Really? Console exclusive, is that what you are going with?

You people have moved the goalposts so many times they are out of the stadium completely. You need a howitzer to kick a field goal.

Death313d ago


Games playable via PSNow are still PlayStation exclusives or are they timed exclusives? An Xbox exclusive isn’t playable on PlayStation. PlayStation exclusives aren’t playable on Xbox. Let’s keep it simple.

Aenea313d ago

Doesn't every gen have a console that's the best ever made up to that point?? It's such an odd thing to focus on when everyone knows a more powerful one will eventually release...

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Asuka314d ago (Edited 314d ago )

Most people overlook

GeForce architecture != Amd architecture.

6tflop geforce card != 6tflop amd card.

Flops are nothing more than a theoretical measurement of compute performance for a given architecture. So when you here people throwing around those tflop numbers chances are they are not sure what they are comparing...

This is why you have cases where a 6Tflop amd gpu is preferred for certain gpgpu task over more expensive GeForce offerings. E.g. crypto mining. It comes down to use case.

Black_Rainbow313d ago

Yup, same goes with CPU power.

darthv72313d ago

This is why i hate the comparison to Nvidia because both consoles use AMD so we should see comparisons to other AMD cards. Not Nvidia.

Greg2801314d ago (Edited 314d ago )


Funny thing is the only exclusive you named was Forza 7.
And thats probably because Forza 7 is the only game that shows the power of the X at this moment.

3rd party games dont have a big difference with the Ps4 pro, maybe later. So for now exclusives need to show what the X can really do. And the problem with that is... there are no exclusives

zerocarnage314d ago (Edited 314d ago )

Yes and the X has only just been released, games take a hell of a long time to develop so I don't know why people are getting there nose dirty over something that's just plain logical. It happened this gen where for a couple of years you see no exclusives for both Sony's machine or xbox's, that being said ms would of had some devs working on games soon as they knew they was making scorpio/X.

All this is stupid to be honest because be it exclusives or not, it's common knowledge that it takes a while to take advantage of a new consoles power, all it is is the n4g fanboys throwing hissy fits and trying to find some pathetic excuse as to why the X shouldn't exist which is absoloute stupid..

Exclusives are a very small percentage compared to multiplats whether that number counts for how many of them are made or the success of them. To be honest I don't care that much for exclusives, sure it's nice that there out there but they are not the be it all and end all of gaming and they certainly don't run the software show. The fact that when exclusives are made that they are made and you still have an overwhelming choice of multplats to choose from where you know your guarenteed that there's more of them that are a success, really it all speaks for itself.

So anyone saying the X has no games, or no exclusives, you would have to be the dumbest moron on earth to make those kinds of statements and it just prooves that person is one type of person which is a blind jealous fanboy. You only have to buy an Xbox one, go to store and see how many games are on the store to choose from, there's all the multiplats released so far, all the exclusives so far, all the backwards compatibility releases from 360 and og Xbox not to mention the games in work that state they're not ready yet which are on going development.

sinspirit313d ago


Yes. But, the thing is.. They have high performance hardware now. It's not the same case anymore as it was for the XBox One not hitting 1080p even with some lower graphics settings. The hardware far outperforms all of that to make higher than 1080p while having higher graphics settings than before. It can do both. Yet, because they want 4K to be such a big marketing term, they settle for lower graphics settings and performance instead when it's still not ready. It's different when they put no 1st party effort in to show more than one game off, and don't have communications and developer relationships to show it off despite 3rd parties have been running XBox for themselves since 2010, when they stalled 1st party support, and they're at it again.

I don't understand what you mean by no exclusives for both consoles. Sony hasn't had this problem. Less hits than other years, of course. But, they've been delivering several good exclusives every year since launch.

Optimization is different now. The architecture is the same as PC. PS4 and XBox One are the same architecture so any developer not used to PC is now used to it. It's far easier to optimize these days, especially with more headroom by running a lighter OS. I would say this is more to blame on PUBG's devs for the recent flak on performance issues, but clearly MS isn't developing good enough tools and providing enough hands on support to ensure quality. I really can't believe how bad the input lag is.

Exclusives sell an insane amount, whether other 3rd parties are bigger or not. Even if someone hardly plays them, they are still bragging rights that make people want the platform they're on. It will definitely attract someone just because they are there over the competition. If they don't care for them, their friends probably do, and now they'll own it for their friends.

You must take it literal when people say it has no games. They mean that the consoles 1st party support is dismal since launch and with the new consoles launch. Few games have been released only for the console, many of which did not deliver, and they focused more on 3rd parties instead of their own studios. They revealed it like it was a new console, while showing no games for it. They took a while to talk about it again. Still treated it like a new console. It basically seems like they didn't even know what the plan was. It looks like it was meant to be like a new generation XBox with backwards compatibility rather than an "update" but because of how poor their own support has been it would just make no sense for the market.

"all the exclusives so far"
"the games in work that state they're not ready yet"

Look. They've released not too many highly acclaimed exclusives. People also buy a new console for new games. Backwards compatibility is fantastic but it's not a big selling point. As greatly desired as it is to gamers that actually go to gaming sites, it just isn't to general consumers that are looking to play new games on the new console.

"games take a hell of a long time to develop"

Good luck waiting 2-3 years for games not even ready to show yet by MS 1st party that most don't have high track records for quality, and they lost a few studios this gen, while growing further apart from and 2nd party deals.

THC CELL313d ago

Racing games are easy to make 60 fps and high res look at Wipeout

DJStotty313d ago

i guess you ignored all those 2x resolution difference comparisons between the xbox one x and the PS4 Pro huh?

rpgenius420313d ago

Gears of war 4 is pretty nice at 4k 60 fps.

VariantAEC311d ago

What we have on PC is hardware underutilization. This is a direct result of hardware market aerosolization.
Xbox One X looks impressive compared to Pro because the hardware is slightly better but also because Xbox One and S were both weaker than base model PS4s.
Games on PS4 clearly still punch well above their weight class as evidenced by games like GT Sport and Horizon Zero Dawn the former looks much better than the likes of PCARS2 AND FM7 even on much more capable PC hardware and in the case of GT we can compare completely different franchises directly as they use the same cars and real-world locations while Horizon is the console equivalent to the PC version of The Witcher 3.
Hardware underutilization is a real problem on PC but wasn't on Xbox One/S. Which brings me to first party titles on X. X sees what looks like a huge improvement in resolution framerate and visuals in aome games thanks to the massive gap in hardware capability between the two.
3rd party games look only slightly better on the X and often lose out in overall performance to PS4 Pro.... Not a great showing.

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DrumBeat313d ago

Impressive console, despite how angry it makes Sony fanboys. Honestly though, Microsoft do need to bring on the games.

Black_Rainbow313d ago

People within this reply thread are attempting to argue about how it’s the most powerful console ‘ever’, etc.
No shit...did you expect the PS2 to be the most powerful console ever?
Every new console iteration is the most ‘powerful console ever’.

butchertroll313d ago (Edited 313d ago )

First was close to 1060, now it's close to 1080. Next will be close to Titan V. Xbone fans believe in this crap, of course.

What a trash article

DrumBeat313d ago

Seems like it really impacted your life...

CaptainN313d ago

@Death -

"Most exclusives struggle to attract 2% of the available gamers yet you make it sound like they are the only games that matter"

Yeah, tell that to Nintendo, which completely blows this statement out of the water !!

As per Reggie:

"The lineup of Nintendo-published games also has fueled fueling Switch sales, Fils-Aime said. Three titles have been purchased by more than 50% of Switch owners: “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” — which won game of the year at the 2017 Game Awards — “Mario Kart 8 Deluxe,” and "Super Mario Odyssey." Another title, third-person shooter “Splatoon 2,” has been purchased by one in four Switch owners, he said. "

“Typically if you have a title where one out of five owners have bought a game, that’s strong,” Fils-Aime said. “That helps drive sell-through of the console.”

313d ago
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theXtReMe1314d ago

If you take the bloat of Windows OS and its background services, like the X does, it does equal out. Of course, the CPU is much more powerful in most PCs... but, you cant argue with the results that some developers are getting with the X. Games that most thought could never run at 4K, like The Witcher 3, at PCs Ultra settings in most graphics effects. Im not downing PC, as obviously with enough money... you can make anything more powerful. Though, for $500 in its tiny form factor, you cant beat the X.

Everytime I play a game on the X, I am amazed at what Im seeing on the screen. Especially with HDR enabled on the games that use it. Seeing what we are on the X, I cant imagine what next gen games are going to look and play like. As I always say, its an awesome time to be a gamer.

badz149314d ago

"Games that most thought could never run at 4K, like The Witcher 3, at PCs Ultra settings in most graphics effects"

AT 30FPS! NOBODY in their right mind on PC will be playing on ultra setting and let their games running at 30fps!

combatcash314d ago

Not true bro! 4K at max settings on pc, if it’s locked would be worth it for just about any game, ideally you want the 60 but in many cases pc gamers aren’t hitting 60 FPS, at 4K and ultra settings. If FPS was what mattered then they would compromise and drop the res. I would take 4K over 1080 p on my pc anytime, just saying if it’s playable

badz149314d ago

WTF? you've got your priority wrong! if your settings are too high and you don't achieve the 60fps, you lower your settings! what's the point of having very high to ultra settings but the framerate suffer? that's just dumb! I doubt you even game on PC!

"I would take 4K over 1080 p on my pc anytime, just saying if it’s playable" - LOL

1440p60fps >>> 4K30fps!

lets us all just play on Intel CPU then...4K with low fps but who cares...4K matters! /s

Enjoigamin313d ago

battlefield runs at 4k and 60fps but you guys just have to dis the xbox to feel good about yourself....when in reality no one gives a shit. But it's cool I know you just need to feel accepted on n4g.

kevnb313d ago

pubg shows what the console can do, and what it cant.

AspiringProGenji314d ago (Edited 314d ago )

How many more indie devs will be asked about the GpU and eveyone say a different thing? Close to a 1080 now? Titan X? Ok Gamingbolt!

Neonridr314d ago (Edited 314d ago )

they said memory bandwith was that of a Titan X, not that it performs like one.

bmf7364313d ago

Its a joke, too. GDDR5X has double the bandwidth of GDDR5. Even overclocking GDDR5 won't bring it to the stock speed of GD5X.

Neonridr313d ago

Titan X has 336.5 GB/sec in terms of memory bandwith
Xbox One X has 326 GB/sec

that was the point of the statement.

OpenGL313d ago

And the Titan X is an old card, the current version of the Titan Xp and the $700 GTX 1080Ti have 484GB/s+

Neonridr313d ago

@OpenGL - great.. but it's still fast. That is the point. over 100 GB/sec faster than the Pro.

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Gamist2dot0314d ago

No wonder indie devs delay their games. Gamingbolt kept bugging them with questions.

Tsar4ever01314d ago (Edited 314d ago )

lol, nice one Gamist2dot0.

Kryptix314d ago (Edited 314d ago )

Remember, it was a GTX 1070 months ago, not even lying:

Also, the key word is "compute power," that doesn't mean it's architecture will allow using that power in an efficient way like Nvidia cards. (DOOM on Switch was pretty impressive due to efficiency) AMD cards tend to have a lot of raw power that does better over time through driver updates, (not available on consoles and it's called FineWine Technology for those lost) but their power draw is rather high which causes a lot of temperature throttling, reducing speeds. This is why a lot of people suggest undervolting AMD cards to maintain a good consistent stability. 4 teraflop GTX 1060 beat the RX 480 which is a 5.8 teraflop card almost every time when they first released.

The truth is, Xbox One X is more equivalent to an RX 580, in between that and a Vega 56. I say this also because CPU throttling is a thing. You pair a 1080 with an i3, doesn't matter if that card is heavy duty, it won't go do well in keeping smooth frames. And if Xbox One X can't do 60fps 1080p in certain games, I highly even doubt it's even close to a Vega 56.

Reference: I have a PC with an RX 480 with 8gigs of dedicated video memory. Going from a 2 core G4560 with the same card to a 6 core Ryzen. I know how bad CPU throttling can be and that Xbox One X CPU is garbage. That goes for the PS4's CPU, too, not even gonna sugar coat it...stop dreaming. It will all fall into which devs can manage to really squeeze the most and use the architecture better. And truth be told, that talent isn't something easy to find, something Microsoft lacks in with their studios.

Aither314d ago (Edited 314d ago )

I was going to say the same exact thing. First we heard it was better than an RX 480, than it was close to an RX 580 which recently followed with it being the same as a GTX 1060, and now all of a sudden it is on par with a GTX 1080 or even Titan X!? Sorry, but I am calling bull on this article.

This is nothing but a ploy story probably paid by Microsoft to boost sales. Xbox One X can't even push 60FPS on PUBG with their top tier developers working on it, and they expect us to believe that the machine has a Titan X or even a GTX 1080 inside? That isn't even remotely plausible.

Maybe the Xbox One X has the equivalent of a GTX 1060, but to say it has the power of a GTX 1080 inside is nothing but a fanboyish story to put it bluntly.

Neonridr313d ago

you aren't reading it correctly. They are talking about individual aspects like compute units or memory bandwith. Those alone do not equal performance on par with either card they mentioned, only that certain aspects of the GPU are in line with other cards. It still performs more than likely in the 1060/1070 range somewhere

rainslacker313d ago

The memory bandwidth is comparable to the older Titan X cards.

He was outright wrong to imply that the X1X's GPU is anywhere close to the GTX1080. Not just in raw TF ratings, which I assume he's implying, but features available for the programmer to implement are very much in favor of the GTX1080.

Maybe he misspoke and meant to say a 1060, because that's actually much closer to what it is. The X1X can do a bit more in some places than the 1060, while the 1060 can do more in other places. Just part of the design choice MS made to customize their GPU, and overall, I feel they did the right customization for current game designs, and it won't be a slouch when the next gen hits since it doesn't look like we're going to see a major shift in software development paradigms come next gen, so it'll be more about pushing pixels and optimizing GPU compute than anything else.

It's worth pointing out that the memory bandwidth is more than sufficient for what the GPU is capable of, for the amount of memory available for data itself. Faster wouldn't hurt, but it'd be overkill more often than not, and significantly raise the price of the system. Memory bandwidth in the X1X won't be a determent to the capabilities of the system.

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lelo2play314d ago (Edited 314d ago )

What the hell do devs understand about the XB1X's capability?
Fanboys understand more then devs of what the XB1X is capable... /s