Monster Hunter: World Hands On - So far an adventure of epic proportions

Monster Hunter: World looks like it is going to be a must-have when it arrives

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Sillicur71d ago

This is day 1 for me, on the PS4 Pro ofc!

70d ago
zerocarnage70d ago (Edited 70d ago )

Day 1also on Xbox, wonder if the X is going to get the 4k treatment it would looks sweet I bet, capcom should deffo take advantage of the power

Anyhow having played all the MH games, can't wait for this, I'm more excited for end of January than I am for x-mas..

MWEBGameZone70d ago

Sure the X will get 4K treatment. Probably the same options as the PS4 Pro. It supported HDR with three game modes. High Resolution, High Frame Rate, or High Game Details.

Raider6970d ago

Standard PS4 game needs a great deal of work ,that framerate really sucks compared with the more smooth framerate on the PS4 pro.The game is releasing soon and im not seeing time to sort out that troublesome framerates on standard PS4 other than lower the main resolution to obtain a slightly better smooth play.If i only owned a standard PS4 i would not pick this game at release.

blanka454570d ago

not my style no story line it gets boring fast. maybe a 20 dollar game would be ok at most.

fenome70d ago

You're basing this on a beta that only includes 3 missions.

Kosic70d ago

I went with a heavy attack power build with a 1h and shield. Killed the first lizard without any issue.
Game looks great in 4k HDR but I was left not really wanting more after that.
May try the demo again with a 2hand set up. Was hoping for something like Dark souls or the surge game play (lock on to set body parts) but without the insta-deaths.

From my experience it felt like a hack and slash game but really slow at that. May grab down the line if the price drops.

Greg280170d ago

Try to kill the monsters in the beta that dont have their own quest.
Diablos and rathalos are a real challenge.

The lizzard is only a 2 star beginner quest

And you can lock on to the head or the body.

And of course it feels slow if you choose a heavy attack weapon lol