Xbox One X Better Than Most Gaming PCs, x86 Architecture Increases Efficiency for Devs – Gaijin CEO

War Thunder developer talks about the benefits of the Xbox One X and x86 consoles in general.

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Cyborgg368d ago (Edited 368d ago )

Maybe for now but by next year all the new upcoming game Gpus and mid range pcs will run in native 4K 60fps 120fps with ease. One X and Pro is already outdated tbh. Especially the cpu

Septic368d ago

By next year will most PC gamers run rigs that run native 4k 60fps and 120fps?

WilliamSheridan368d ago (Edited 368d ago )

Consoles always will be behind the big expensive PCs, but they are a different market and people really should stop comparing them. It's like comparing Netflix to going to the movies.

Eonjay368d ago

I believe Septic has a partial point. I mean there is no way everyone is gonna upgrade. The fact is that even now you can build a more powerful PC. The idea of the Xbox being 'better' than most PCs is a subjective and completely arbitrary measure. I mean, even my PC has a better CPU than the Pro and you wont find a modern gaming PC with one that isn't better than both consoles easily... in sleep mode lol. But I don't think that means my PC is better for gaming. There is a reason PCs cost more you know. Several reasons really.

mikeslemonade367d ago

Most "gaming" pcs are weak. Mostly people have like a GTX 970 or 1060 or lower. That's weaker than than the Xbox X. Cal those people out who have weak hardware like that.

freshslicepizza367d ago

"mid range pcs will run in native 4K 60fps 120fps with ease."

Lol, no. Even the GTX 1080ti has issues doing some games now at 60fps and 4k and that card is not mid range. Technology moves fast but not that fast, next year cards will still struggle on some games, especially mid range.

ULTp0ltergeist367d ago

Majority PC gamers are laptop gamers.

gamersday08367d ago (Edited 367d ago )

Regardless, the headline is misleading. x is NOT better than most gaming PCs for sure. Otherwise, all PCs gamers would've gone out and buy x by now. x is comparable to "some" mid range to gaming PCs if and only if you're playing selective games from m$ 1st-party studious and that's very subjective. So, the opposite is true.

frostypants367d ago (Edited 367d ago )

Yeah, there is a lot of room between the One X and "4k 120fps". He skipped a lot of steps.

CoryHG367d ago

I'm just smelling fanboy all over this. Last I checked, PUBG is 30 FPS on Xbone. That kills this argument immediately.

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Computersaysno368d ago (Edited 368d ago )

"Better Than Most Gaming PCs." True statement, but also worthless.

There are hundreds of millions of gaming computers. Only a small percentage are equal to or better than Xbox One X. So yes, it's obvious that it is better than 'most.'

It's should also be obvious however that the actual NUMBER of Xbox One X consoles is massively outstripped by that number of gaming computers better or equal.

A small percentage of hundreds of millions of gaming PCs is a lot more than 500k or whatever Xbox One X actually manages to sell this holiday season, most optimistic figures were still only 900k.....there are millions and millions of gaming computers with a GTX1060 or better in them right now.

By the time Xbox One X is a year old mid range PC graphics cards that are even faster will be around. Selling like hot cakes. It'll never catch up to the numbers of gaming PCs that are equal or better.

cyclindk367d ago

And thaaat's marketing for ya :)

So true, yet, so irrelevant.

DiRtY367d ago

I agree for the most part, yet you make it sound like PC gaming os bigger than anything else.

Steam had 66 Million active users per month, XBox Live had 57 million active users per month. So yeah, PC gaming is big, but "hundreds of millions" is exaggerated.

According to steam survey, ~15% of these active users have a 1060 or better and 0.42% use 4k as a primary display resolution.

PrinterMan367d ago

Also, on the PC side to match the XONE there is no need for 60fps to enter into the equation as most XONE games are stuck at 30fps.

Computersaysno367d ago (Edited 367d ago )

PC gaming is much bigger than anything else. It's revenues are higher than console combined. Steam figures ignore massive other platforms, like Tencent.

What's more the the Xbox Live activity figure is counted as PC, 360, Xbox One and mobile logins. That's a whole bunch of totally different platforms and it still doesn't match the steam figure. There is only 30 million Xbox One machines sold after all.

Steam has over 150 million active accounts, logged in over a period of a couple months. Assuming we just take the lower 1 month figure for argument's sake. 67 million. Then 15 percent of that figure is still 10 million.

10 MILLION MACHINES as a minimum as good or better than Xbox One X with less than a million sales. So at least 10 times the amount!

Thing is, that figure is only people that log in and used steam that month. Not everybody logs in every month. Some months are much higher than others. Also not everybody uses Steam for that matter. It's very popular in the West but not so much in Asia like China, with vast numbers of users on competitors like Tencent.

So many many people don't use it who have good gaming machines. We can safely assume the figure is much higher. All we can say is minimums here based solely on Steam.

Finally we can estimate that PS4 Pro's sales after a year on sale is less than 4 million. Even if Xbox One X sells twice as well (it won't, hasn't been and isn't) then it still won't match the lowest estimated figures of equal and more powerful gaming computers in 12 months time.

Another 12 months where everybody on PC has been snapping up new hardware anyway....

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Black0ut368d ago

Next year mid range pcs will run at 4k 60fps with ease? What alternate universe are you living in?

Hard facts tell us "most" pcs are not these super powerful setups that people on here like to lie about. Steam hardware reports have proved this time and time again. Most rigs are running at or below 1080p.

But yeh...Everyone on n4g has a 4k $1500 rig right?

balance2theforce367d ago

So much truth in that statement man. I swear to God, I get so sick and tired of these phony ass people hear that lie just because the Xbox One X Out does their damn master's machine.. It's funny as when even the vanilla ps4 came out and it was already outdated, the same phonies and liiars acted like they never saw such technology before in their f***ing life. And couldn't build a machine that "barely"matches it for under 6-7 hundred bucks.

All you have to do is dig up old articles and some of their post histories and you can see that there wasn't even a fraction of the downplay or people that could match a souped up ps3 let alone an Xbox or PS4. Now we're suppised to believe that all these cheap, broke ass liars who were waiting for price drops on all their games and wanted a Wii U to be like 50 bucks before they copped one are buyinf $300 dollar cards and have $1500 rigs. Gtfoh folks.

LP-Eleven367d ago

@WeebLord: Neither is the X1X. So back to my point, what's the point in mentioning that? They say that this thing is better than the majority of Gaming PCs out there. Until someone actually knows that the majority of PC gamers are running, I'll peg this under the other hyperbolic statements associated with this console.

agent4532367d ago

Most PC gamers can run their games at 1440p 60-90 frames per second. 1080p 60 frames per second on PC has been the standard since 2005. Native 4K 60 frames per second will take off on PC starting 2018

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Kaiou368d ago (Edited 368d ago )

4K 120FPS ???? A GTX 1080ti can't even hit stable 4K 60 without turning stuff down. This week Nvidia released the first graphics card from their next generation architecture the Titan V for $3000 and even THAT is no where close to 4K 100+ on modern games . I totally agree about the CPU though.

LP-Eleven367d ago

Um, they haven't released any gaming benchmarks for the Titan V. So you don't know what it can do yet.

Weeblordbad367d ago

Lp-Eleven it will not be doing 4k 120 fps maxed out on every game I can guarantee that.

Professor_K368d ago

Games like fallout and PUBG AND fallout at 60ffps 4k?

babadivad367d ago

Next year ain't THIS year.

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LandoCalrissiano367d ago

For 500 or less though? Doubt it.

Zeref367d ago

Highend pcs have always been a niche. They call PCs "the master race" but in reality most PCs out there barely beat base Xbox one or PS4.

agent4532367d ago

The base xbox one and ps4 were as good as my 2011 gaming PC:

AMD Phenom 2 quad core processor
4gb DDR2 ram
500gb Western Hard Drive

Which was capable of running games like tomb raider remake at native 1080p 60 frames per second.

Both NVIDIA GTX 1060 and AMD 480x are capable of running games at native 1440p 60 frames per second.

Just stop and admit that console hardware is outdated weak and pathetic. Is possible to play PC games via a HDTV set with a gamepad. That is how I got my setup.

Xx_Pistol_xX367d ago

GPU manufactures have been dangling the 4K carrot in PC guys faces for a long time. It could have been done already but their stracthing it to make money.

Professor_K367d ago

By mext year the x will be 50$ off...

Gunstar75367d ago

That comment didn't go well for you lol

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XiNatsuDragnel368d ago

Yeah no because PC is a always evolving platform with new tech replacing old within a year.

OMGitzThatGuy368d ago

Except the majority dont upgrade within a year.

Razzer368d ago

And the majority of console owners are buying One X?

iloveallgames367d ago

The stats seem to indicate that an awful lot of people are upgrading.

The 10 series nVidia cards have only been on the market for one and a half years and the steam survey says that about 30% of steam users have a 10 series card. Steam spy shows that there are now 280 million users on steam so that means that about 85 million pc gamers bought a 10 series card in the last year and a half.

And now the Titan V has just launched which is the first of the wave of the 20 series cards (Volta) that are coming in the first quarter...

zb1ftw777368d ago

By your own logic, every single PC is outdated except for the most powerful PC in the whole world.

Suffice to say, i think your logic is retarded.

Razzer368d ago

Then One X was "outdated" before it was ever even released since better tech already existed.

Black0ut368d ago

What you're not mentioning is most people don't upgrade to new tech every year. Just because its updated and released doesn't mean everyone can afford it. Its a very small percentage of enthusiasts that do.

agent4532367d ago

True, but there is a huge portion of pc gamers like myself that are upgrading their pcs after 5-6 years from not upgrading their 2009-2011 gaming PCs 😀.

UKRsoldja367d ago

"Yeah no because PC is a always evolving platform with new tech replacing old within a year."

God, I hope soon enough I won't see your nonsense posts on here. What does the ever-evolving pc tech have to do with the fact that CURRENTLY the xbox one x is better than MOST pc's?? This article isn't about next month or next year. It's about TODAY.

Razzer367d ago

TODAY most of those same PCs could upgrade and be more powerful than a One X for less than the cost of the One X.

agent4532367d ago

Ha ha ha ha well for one xbox one x games run at 30 frames per second and another the PCs of today with NVIDIA GTX 1070, 1080, Titan X are capable of Native 4K 60 or 30 frames per second. The PC gamers that bought the $200.00 AMD 480x are running their games at.native 1440p or 2K 60 frames per second. End of discussion.

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Shineon368d ago (Edited 368d ago )

Xbox one x and Ps4 pro were old tech when they were being built but that dosent matter a whole lot because they are optimized consoles Im playing Horizon Zero Dawn and having a blast on a measily jag cpu

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Cartman55125367d ago

I bought the One X, and the first time I really noticed the increased power of these new consoles was when I loaded up Skyrim. The game takes no more than 3 seconds to load when I fast travel. Used to take my regular Xbox One about 20-30 seconds.

Gunstar75367d ago

It's harder to spot the difference with newer titles but it really polished up some older classics.

Like buying DVD digital remastered movies in the 90's 😀

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UKRsoldja367d ago

And in reality, too, according to the steam survey.

Cobra951367d ago

What does a Steam survey have to do with objective reality?