10° reviews The Witcher: Enchanced Edition

Yet another of's ItsNotaReview's... this time it's the Witcher: Enhanced Edition.

From the review: "When most gamers think of single-player action RPGs, there is a very short list that comes to mind. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion is easily at the top of the list, followed by games like Mass Effect and Kingdom Hearts. Well, there may be a new game to put towards the top of that list, The Witcher from CD Projeckt Red. If you have a decent PC, the new and improved Witcher could be more than enough to hold you over until games like Fallout 3 hit later this month.

I managed to snag a copy of the Enhanced Edition that was released mid-September for a Sarcastic Gamer ItsNotAReview. All of the enhanced goodness, with whores, after the jump!"

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