Dead Space Hospital Bed Trailer

Electronic Arts and Starz Media have released a new trailer for the animated movie prequel to Dead Space, a third-person sci-fi survival horror game currently under development at EA Redwood Shores and scheduled to hit the store shelves across Europe and North America on October 21st, for PS3 and Xbox 360. The script for the Dead Space animated feature picks up the plot where the original comic book series ends and leads up to the beginning of the Dead Space game. The story focuses on the events aboard a futuristic mining spaceship, the USG Ishimura, after it pulls a mysterious artifact from a remote dig site. The artifact triggers the sudden invasion of a long-dormant alien presence, and the Ishimura's crewmembers find themselves locked in a frantic struggle to survive. The animated feature, named Dead Space Downfall, will be releasing close to the launch of the game.

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Masta_fro3570d ago

that was interesting. This game has somehow caught my attention and has found a way to consistently intrigue me even more.

especially after i checked out some hd gameplay videos on ign.