EA's Failure to Hook Players is the Real Reason Battlefront 2's Loot Boxes Failed

Loot boxes are, obviously, intended to make publishers / developers more money. They're not intended to "provide players with a sense of pride and accomplishment," as a particularly strategic comment from EA DICE on the Star Wars Battlefront 2 subreddit put it. They're intended to make you spend more money on a game than you initially planned to, by way of mixing an array of in-game items into a box and asking you to cough up the cash in an effort to get your hands on the good stuff.

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Phoenix76325d ago

Taken from the article...... The key to success with loot boxes is to replicate the thrill of a slot machine but in a virtual setting where the rewards don't actually matter.

And kids being exposed to gambling does not actually matter either to the author!

Paytaa323d ago

"Pride and Accomplishment"

Sciurus_vulgaris323d ago (Edited 323d ago )

Loot boxes are just like lotto, slots and scratch tickets, except with a guaranteed prize. A percentage of gamers with obsessive, impulsive, or addictive personalities will casually buy loot boxes without noticing the accumulated cost. But unlike lotto, scratch and slots, what people “win” from a loot box is entirely superficial, their “winnings” won’t meanfully change their lives ever!

UltraNova322d ago

Well said.

The problem is even bigger if tou consider the fact that we are brought up while tought to be cautious about gambling or spending our money on games of chance, whereas in-game gambling is nowhere near society's or parents radar as of yet. So in essence EA and the rest of them can rip the benefits as long as they go unmonitored and unscathed - and that's exactly what they are doing.

Its up to us, the 'alert' gamers to warn others until the world catches up.

ShinMaster322d ago

Often times the "guaranteed prize" is worthless.
Even if you choose not to pay any extra money for them, Loot boxes make progression slower and trivial, as long as companies have the option to make real life money out of it. You can spend $40-$50 on them and get nothing.

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firelens325d ago

Its failure comes from all the BS they threw in the game...

Godmars290323d ago

More like the typical money digging BS they've put into every game, only this time they chose to over exploit on a well known franchise at a time when the IP holder has a movie coming out and didn't want the negative press associated with this mess.

TheColbertinator324d ago

The gaming media sure is intent on covering for EA

arkard323d ago

I'm sure there is no money exchange at play here....

Sgt_Slaughter323d ago

There's no other main reason for why the loot boxes failed besides greed and ignorance. Plain and simple.

-Foxtrot323d ago

God knows what they are going to do now

I mean they literally closed down Visceral games and bought Respawn JUST SO they could do another multiplayer focused game for lootboxes and MTs

Now Battlefront II has caused such a huge backlash their investment has literally just blew up in their face. If they had Visceral still they could have tried to please gamers and beg for forgiveness by letting them do what they wanted, giving them freedom and releasing the best game they could have. Now they don't have that...they are f*****

daBUSHwhaka323d ago

Pretty much.They had a shit strategy with no plan B..Stuck between a rock and a very hard place.Serves EA right for trying to piss on the player.So happy that this backfired and they are bottlenecked.... this is for the players.

johnell322d ago

This is what happens if EA took us lightly. This will make them think twice if they ever try to implement P2W again.

JBaby343322d ago (Edited 322d ago )

I was very excited for Visceral's SW game. Cancelling the game and closing the studio were terrible moves. I'm glad this whole thing backfired.

On a side note, I would love to have sat in on the board meetings at EA for the past 2 weeks. They had to be some entertaining stuff.

Tru_Blu322d ago

Games as a service is a complete failure of a business model.

Blank322d ago

I wonder what loot based weaponry in Anthem will be like HAHAHA!! I'm still not buying that garbage regardless.

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