Why No Hate For COD Points ?

Agheil writes - " Fellow gamers, we gave all this hate towards EA, Activision is adding weapon supply drops tomorrow, where you can purchase COD points with real world money to get. "

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electricbanshi392d ago

This is true! I dont understand people who are ok with this either. :-/

alphafallen392d ago

people quickly forget and get on the "Next Wave"...

UltraNova392d ago

Ok guys listen why dont we join forces and start raging against any and all mallpractices in the gaming industry? I mean look at what happend to Hollywood and the sexual assault charges flying left right and center like crazy, its like a Tsunami against those who did wrong to others. Tell me it aint working!

Let Battlefront 2 be the start of a Tsunami against MTs in games. Lets get our voices heard once and for all.

SirBradders392d ago

@Ultra Nova, or just not buy them.

I would be interested to see if Sony or Microsoft get a cut. If not why can't they implement a system similar to Phones where they can be blocked entirely.

indyman7777392d ago (Edited 392d ago )

@ultranova RIGHT ON! The biggest voices is NOT buying a game and not pre ordering a game. See the recent ones for why they are not doing a tenth as well.

Battlefront being the biggest from being by FAR the run away number one to dropping out of the top 10. It is the largest IP on the PLANET by the largest publisher on the planet and we won with money votes and loud voices.

The only person that can't effect game publishers is the one that does not know he can.

You see Money is a direct vote and repeating comments is like a negative news story for a politician, it will cause them to lose the election. When a ostrich sticks there head up and defends this stuff and say you cant do anything about it. Call them the ostrich and defeated fool that they are.

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Agheil392d ago (Edited 392d ago )

I’m happy to see others aggree :)

OB1Biker392d ago

I don't see much complaining about expensive season pass either

fenome392d ago

I stopped buying COD long ago. A lot of good it's done. Lol

Activision and EA have been up to the same kind of stuff for a long time. At least before they used to keep it more in the background but now they're just making their whole games around it without any shame at all whatsoever.

morganfell392d ago

Where's the hate for the HALO 5 Req packs?

RommyReigns392d ago

Same with FIFA, probably hush money floating around and using Star Wars Battlefront II as the distraction.

itsmebryan392d ago

Because people like to get on the bandwagon. It's "cool" to hate EA now.

combatcash392d ago

IMO WW2 weapons are well balanced. I've unlocked some of the Heroic versions of the weapons, and never felt it was an advantage, in fact I use default guns over the unlocked guns. I haven't purchased any loot boxes, and don't know anyone who has, but I'm sure there's plenty of folks that have spent their hard earned money on those things. If there's any advantages being created for people who buy these loot boxes, I haven't felt that way. Also the reason this stand off was so effective against Star Wars, is because it was caught before release, and also because it isn't COD.

indyman7777392d ago

I know why....It is simple. Remember that scripture in the book no one reads?

It is not called Loot box people dont associate it until after they wasted their money on it.

Case in point Donald Trumps Tax Cut plan. It is named CUT so naturally you would assume that most people will get a CUT. But since most people are not Rich they will recieve a increase. Because people go by judgmental reasoning which is assuming.

If it was called Loot boxes or Micro transactions people would get it. DONT BE FOOLED by a name.

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firelens392d ago

I was wondering the same ! why has no one said anything for WW2 since theyre bringing weapon supply drops ??

Agheil392d ago

I noticed this on COD WW2 and was wondering the same, so I decided to say something :)

N1392d ago

Too busy playing the game, they don’t realize where this could be going in the future smh...

DanteVFenris666392d ago

Because they are adding it secretly after launch date.

Rude-ro392d ago

And by secretly... the last 3 years

Travis3708392d ago

At least sledgehammer made it easy to get Supply drops for free and you have a higher rate of getting them. Also this is COD its been having Supply Drops for like 5-6 games now.

Travis3708392d ago

Every single thing EA does is for money and they don't deserve any gratitude. No passion for gaming anymore and they need to leave the gaming industry. I can't hate activision the same way.

Agheil392d ago

The conversation here is that this is still a pay to get ahead aspect. Pay more get more drops, thus more chances at new weapons. This shouldn’t be ok.

I enjoy COD but if they want FTP aspect then they should go FTP. But no, more and more people are just accepting it....

Monster_Tard392d ago

Activision is just as bad, if not worse. They have paid DLC on top of the microtransactions in COD, not even EA is doing that with Battlefront 2.

ravinash392d ago

EA thing is charging to get a head in the game.
Activision thing is giving you only half the game to start with and then charging you extra to get the other half.
I'm staying clear of both.

shaggy2303392d ago


"Every single thing EA does is for money and they don't deserve any gratitude. No passion for gaming anymore and they need to leave the gaming industry. I can't hate Activision the same way."

That because EA is a business, they exist purely to make money.

You think that other companies don't want to make a profit? you think other developers say to themselves "we don't want to make a profit, we just want to make a good game"?

Look at House Marque, they are stopping making twin stick shooters because nobody buys them anymore and instead are getting into the "games as service" model.

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Jaypi03392d ago

That's like saying, yeah i gotta take it up the backside against my will...but at least he's using lube so it's not all THAT bad.

ginsunuva392d ago

It's always butt analogies

_-EDMIX-_392d ago


Or you could understand they're both bad , i have no clue what's this obsession with this website with this (either or) that people literally fail to understand that both companies can be seen as bad for doing this practice.

I don't see this any more positive than what Electronic Arts was doing.

TheGamez100392d ago

Well I mean there already were tons of talk and drama about the supply drops in bo3. Something I wish was heavily opposed by the mass community. Sadly people didnt care and just kept purchasing them. Now theres this and activisions patent for encouraging ppl to buy microtransactions. Would be great if the world can rebel this too lol.