EA makes progression changes to Need for Speed Payback after microtransactions controversy

DSOGaming writes: "Electronic Arts and Ghost Games have made some changes to the progression system of Need for Speed Payback. This new progression system increases the amount of REP awarded by taking part in events, as well as the amount of Bank awarded by taking part in events."

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Nodoze269d ago (Edited 269d ago )

Too little...too late. EA needs to be in the history dustbin.

Kids when I was young we would play games for fun. Nowadays the games are like jobs. You have to grind ENDLESSLEY to progress OR pay MORE money.

datriax269d ago

Some poor soul with brain damage disliked your comment because it made too much sense.

Jinger269d ago

I remember when I was young and I would be learning a hard game and it would take me many many tries to beat it. I'm talking contra, ninja Gaiden, battle toads. That was a different kind of grind, but still a grind in it's own rights. I think games now are generally easier, but now use progression grinding to keep you playing longer.

BrianOBlivion268d ago

Since evolving from an arcade junkie to a pc/console gamer, I generally keep most games in my collection just in case I might want to revisit them, but I'll sell any game that forces me to do anything over and over and over to be able to progress.
F*ck any dev who thinks my time is so worthless that I should have to try to do anything 10.. 20... 30 times. They may have made a sale from me but they'll lose a sale from the next guy for wasting my time.

The 10th Rider268d ago

Heck, you even had cheat codes in some games that did things like giving you extra lives, boosts, etc . . . Now they make you pay for it.


Times were so simple back then, weren't they?

lio_convoy269d ago

That's okay, EA. I'm not buying this game either. You can leave it alone. It won't change my mind about buying it.

AdonisIsBeast268d ago

Too bad Fifa 18 sold over like 6 million copies first week at retail. With that kind of support I don’t know if they care about NFS sales

UKmilitia268d ago (Edited 268d ago )

yep,all those kids buying fifa points to open packs!!!!! isnt it classed as gambling when you dont know the outcome?????

terrbile rewards for winning,forcing you to buy packs to get decent players,you cant even buy a gold pack for winning title in a league ffs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Retroman268d ago

Amen, i will not support this micro crap .

Chexs1990268d ago

In a car game where the only customization of specs on your car, comes from inserting cards, I'm pretty sure they should have just done a total recall instead.

BenRC01268d ago

I honestly loved nfs 2015, love car culture, modding scene, go to meets and events, really captured something that game. Had really high hopes for this, is it even playable?