Quantum Theory: first ingame screenshots

first Ingame screenshots from the upcoming PS3 exclusive third person shooter Quantum Theory

Edit: more screenshots now up at IGN

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PirateThom3570d ago

Japanese Gears of War.

Take that as you will.

thereapersson3570d ago

I see this as more of a Ninja Gaiden-esque action game, only instead of swords and Ninja acrobatics, you get a gun.

I know because it's a TPS that it will instantly be compared to Gears, but that's just not what I gather from this whole thing. Like I said in the forums, however, I am probably in the minority on this train of thought.

y0haN3570d ago

Lol, I thought that too when I first saw it. It does look interesting though.

marinelife93570d ago

These guys kill me like Marcus and Dom from Gears with all that bulky body armor on but no head gear. They're better off running around in a loincloth like Tarzan.

3570d ago
Beast_Master3570d ago

IGN has a trailer for it. It looks like you guys are all right. It is a Gears/Ninja Guidian with a little Devil May cry rolled in. lol. Still it is to early to knock it but, now PS3 owners have their own Gears and NG 2 games, it just comes packed as one game... JK I am a PS3 owner and looking forward to this.

Proxy3570d ago

So true man. Makes me thing of UT3 as well, 2 foot thick armor over your chest, yet no head protection whatsoever. Bubbles for all!

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sinncross3570d ago


but the graphics are pretty okish

PirateThom3570d ago

Because of a few aliasing issues (the back of the character's bulky armour), I think that shot is actually in-game as well, which is cool.

Like Gears, it'll look a lot better in motion.

DeforMAKulizer3570d ago

Not only that, but even in the trailer, if you look at some parts where he moves (After the first time he covers and then jumps out, and then when he is on top of that flying thingy) you get to feel as if its the game and not a cut scene... Cause you kinda feel that the camera is loose... Thats my opinion honestly... Man im really excited to see what Sony has in store!

Fishy Fingers3570d ago

Id say 100% ingame because you can clearly see the players crosshair.

Jok3r3570d ago

Looks really bad if you ask me...

Lanoire3570d ago

PS3 is really cleaning house right now.


dkgshiz3570d ago

Because your an idiot.

Panthers3570d ago

lol. Ya he is a bit of an idiot

THC CELL3570d ago

Looks better than Gears if u ask me

alexM3570d ago

LOL at queers

It looks like DOGPOO in real images

People these are the ral images and not BULLSHOTS of queers 1.1

LOL at queers 2 a washed out game ,looks more like a PS2 game

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The story is too old to be commented.