Red Dead Redemption 2 “Will Stand Alone and Succeed on Its Own Merits”, Take-Two’s CEO Insists

Publisher Take Two Interactive has high hopes for the upcoming Red Dead Redemption 2 and believes the game will succeed on its own merits.

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chrisx378d ago

Good 2 hear. Can't wait for this

MegamanXXX377d ago (Edited 377d ago )

This game is going to sell really well on PS4 because of the install base and Sony partnered with Rock*. Hopefully they make a PC version in the future.

Cmv38376d ago

The hell that has to do with anything? Its going to sell well because its rockstar, a trusted company. Im a super Sony fan, but this comment was ridiculous.

SonyWarrior376d ago

not a big enough sony fan, even when i see a stupid comment if its for sony I thumbs it up.

MagicBeanz376d ago

Well I mean he's not wrong but I agree with you it wasn't really necessary to say it, he's just stating the obvious.

strayanalog377d ago

Always exciting to hear. Here's hoping this beats the first outing in quality and a lot was learned from all of Grand Theft Auto 5's problems.‎

strayanalog376d ago

In my opinion,‎ the story isn't very memorable, not many buildings can be entered (more interiors in 4), vehicle controls don't feel as correct as the 4th outing, nor does running, NPCs don't react to where they're shot and can't really get into more involving fistfights.
That's just a few small details that should be refined. Sandbox games are supposed to give you a level of detail and make it better, not take away the very features you're supposed to improve. In the end it's not a bad game, it's just not on the level Rockstar usually hits.

FallenAngel1984377d ago

What other merits would this game succeed on?

Thatguy-310376d ago

I think it's them just assuring that the game will succeed on its own because it'll be good and not depend on microtransactions.

Summons75376d ago

Well they just said the other day that all their games will have microtransactions shoved into them so I can assume with the backlash that many gamers would be naturally worried.

Trilithon376d ago

a 500 million dollar marketing budget. like destiny, COD, etc

EazyC376d ago

Light damage control going on here after earlier comments about microtransactions.

I for one would much prefer two massive story DLCs at a considerable price like with GTA IV. Maybe one where we play as a sheriff?

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The story is too old to be commented.