Linear Should Not Be a Dirty Word

OnlySP: "Since the explosion in popularity of the likes of Assassin’s Creed and The Elder Scrolls in the previous console generation, the AAA gaming industry, as a whole, has undertaken a marked move towards open-world design...The most recent victim of this shift is Visceral Games. The closure of any major studio will always send the sensationalist media into a frenzy, but far from signifying the ‘death’ of single-player gaming, the closure highlights a more long-term and potentially troubling philosophical shift."

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ninsigma34d ago

Agreed. Most of best gaming experiences have been from linear games while the minority have come from open world games. There needs to be a better balance imo.

Geeeebeeee33d ago

just a few days ago my girlfriend who is generally not the biggest fan of video games made this comment : ' i like until dawn because it's very guided, it's clear what you need to do. whole game flows very naturally, you don't get lost or stuck. i would enjoy games like this.'

i was pleasantly surprised, and i think she makes a good point that many of us long time gamers would overlook


I think Persona 5 nails the balance. The world is open, but heavily guided and controlled by a time management system.

If I come home tired from work, I don't want to have to LOOK for the fun...I want it to be readily available. With P5, I already know that I'm either preparing for a Palace or grinding in a Palace.

GamesMaster198234d ago

Agree. what the hell is the point in having big open world's when half the time there is jack shit to do in them open worlds except stupid collectible hunting. Give me a great linear game over that any day.

Edito34d ago

Are you talking about MGS V PP?

GamesMaster198233d ago

One example yes. Love the MGS series but it really did not need that boring empty open world.

Woolly_34d ago

I agree. I tend to finish linear games compared to open_world games.

Geeeebeeee33d ago

totally i ageree.
i like open world games as much as the next guy, but i also wanna experience a guided story just as much. it doesn't have to be either or.

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The story is too old to be commented.