Gears Of War 3 Looks Incredible In 4K; Xbox 360 Vs. Xbox One X Comparison Images Revealed

ThisGenGaming says "Gears Of War 3 looks incredible in a new 4K Enhanced patch, here's a look at the comparison."

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Bobafret399d ago

Wow, amazing improvement!!

thekhurg399d ago

Holy shit Microsoft. WELL DONE.

Septic399d ago

My days that is impressive. Also crazy how good Gears 3 looks considering its a last gen title

freshslicepizza399d ago

Weird. There is hardly much of a difference to the Xbox One from the 360 but the XB1X all of the sudden makes it looks fresh and new.

Skull521398d ago

The game was on PC so I bet they dropped in the PC assets and thats why its such a difference, great move though

bouzebbal398d ago (Edited 398d ago )

so amazing it makes 360 games look good!!!
looking @ all the fanboys giggling in front of the obvious really is touching!!

Septic398d ago

^^LOL at the insecurity. The same people who dribble over remasters they would gladly pay but apparently a free update showing a massive increase in quality of older games is nothing to be excited about 😂

The X1 has hurt these fanboys so hard! 😁😁

Army_of_Darkness398d ago

No gonna lie, this is pretty damn impressive! It looks remastered!

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NoPeace_Walker399d ago

I now see why MS only remastered/remade the first Gears. With the power of the X, it does it even better better without even breaking a sweat. Can you imagine other BC games such as Red Dead Redemption getting the same enhancement on the X!? 😮😮

1Victor399d ago

Really what’s next halo Xbox on xbox1x of course it would look amazing. This is a dumb comparison if it would show drastically improvement on gow4 then I would be impressed but this is just useless fluff

solid_snake3656398d ago

Now if only they can make some new ip's and exclusives.

Lennoxb63398d ago

Now if only we could come up with better comments in every xbox article.

l3w1s398d ago


You don't need to, while those still work.

shinrock398d ago

Now only PlayStation fans would stay out of Xb threads.

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UnHoly_One399d ago


This isn't even officially "enhanced for Xbox One X" is it?

maybelovehate399d ago

Yes it is, which is awesome. Mirrors Edge also got updated.

UnHoly_One399d ago

I saw mirror's edge in my games and apps as enhanced, I didn't see Gears 3 in there.

Although supposedly that sorting feature isn't working properly for all games, it doesn't list AC: Origins for me either and I know that update is already out.

mad-dog399d ago

Wait what? Mirrors edge without jaggies??

Bobafret399d ago

Disagree goblins everywhere lately. Oh well, won't rain on my parade.

Jinger399d ago

Honestly you can complain about MS' Software all you want, I totally get that, but how do you complain about this impressive piece of hardware? The fact that its capable of enhancing old games without an official patch is impressive (just go check out those oblivion comparisons). The fact that it, if utilized properly, can include 4k textures and not just 4k upres is impressive.

MS now just needs to step up their software and they could easily start gaining more traction in the gaming community again.

399d ago
freshslicepizza399d ago

Wait until they show Red Dead Redemption, that is the game I want to see.

JBaby343398d ago

That was impressive! Not every Sony fan is hateful. I've never owned an Xbox console but that makes anyone a little jealous. This will open great doors to push gaming further. All you Xbox fans... Enjoy.

@moldy: I would love to see what red dead redemption would look like.

headblackman399d ago

@ Bobafret

those are the plaslave police that are doing the down voting to anything positive. they are apart of that dummy movement called PS4P (Policing. Satisfaction. 4. Players.)

Bobafret399d ago

Sometimes I have to wonder if its the mods themselves.

conanlifts399d ago

I laughed yesterday when I stated there were large queues of people picking up the xbox x at my local store and I got disagrees. Opinions you can disagree with, but disagreeing with that was kind of ridiculous.

MagicBeanz398d ago

Maybe you got disagrees because you just saying things in a comment section of a web site doesn't prove anything. Here let me try, on that same day I saw fifty times as many people buying PS4 Pro's there did it work did you believe me just because I said it. Probably not, now down vote me.

MagicBeanz398d ago

Must be bothering you since you took the time to comment about it.

conanlifts398d ago (Edited 398d ago )

Maybe you are right with your reply. But it is a pretty pathetic thing to disagree with. For the record it was a genuine comment. I was more curious if others had experienced queues.

WilliamSheridan398d ago

Damn Beanz, do you literally just scrounge the Xbox posts and post negative shit all day? I'm at work, what's your excuse?

MagicBeanz398d ago


I feel sorry for your employer shouldn't you be working?

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