Could The Last Of Us 2 Be Better Than The Original?

The Last of Us is a Naughty Dog developed action adventure survival horror that was produced by Sony Computer Entertainment. The game was released as a Playstation 3 exclusive in June 2013 and took the world by storm. Players took control of Joel, a smuggler whose job it is to escort the teenage Ellie across a dystopian United States. This isn't an easy journey however as weapons are few and far between and often have to be improvised in order to survive. The Last of Us was applauded for its excellent character development, engaging story and subtext, and beutiful graphics. The game received critical acclaim all around the world and to this day is in the top five highest rated Playstation 3 games ever on Metacritic. Following the success of the original it was only a matter of time before a sequel was announce. In February 2014 Naughty Dog announced their plans for a sequel before shifting their attention to working on Uncharted 4: A Thief's End instead. It was in December 2016 at the annual Playstation Experience event that The Last of Us 2 was announced by Sony.

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FallenAngel1984350d ago

Every second game in a Naughty Dog franchise is better than the original

woodtock350d ago

This looks like it can exceed the original (minus the domestic abuse) with more enemy types.

Goldby350d ago

"This looks like it can exceed the original (minus the domestic abuse) with more enemy types."

whats that supposed to mean, you think they fell back? or that one cut scene is going to make the game less than the first, grow up. Ellie was nearly raped in the first one.

You praise GTA on your website yet are offended by a cutscene in a story driven game. learn to hold your spine up straight please. we dont need more of this BS in regards to a trailer for a game that isn't anywhere near as damning as people are making it out to be.

Snookies12350d ago (Edited 350d ago )

Domestic abuse.... Hahaha, yeah sure... Did anyone spouting this line even play the first game? Let's just forget seeing the conclusion to Henry and Sam. What happened to Ellie in the restaurant. What happened at the beginning of the game with Joel's daughter, etc.

dreue350d ago

dude minus domestic abuse? do you even turn your TV on? do you live alone in this world? because the game is nto the problem,Humans are the stop being a cry babe and just fucking grow up

bluefox755350d ago

Domestic abuse? What domestic abuse? And even if there was domestic abuse in a FICTIONAL video game story, who cares? Murder is cool for you in games, but domestic abuse is off limits?

guyman350d ago

He was being sarcastic with the domestic abuse

G20WLY350d ago (Edited 350d ago )

Wrong game, troll. Try again. 😁

KickSpinFilter349d ago

Don't think there is any domestic abuse in this game, pretty sure of it.
Abuse...sure whole bunch.

Bleucrunch349d ago

Can you elaborate on what you mean by domestic abuse? You do realize the setting of this video game right?

RommyReigns349d ago

'Domestic abuse'? Please for the sake of your sanity, stop using SmoothNinja logic...

Realms349d ago

Some people have selective memory? The game has always been violent oh wait that doesn't fit your narrative or agenda to pander to a certain crowd that makes it point to get offended for other people.

rainslacker349d ago

You may want to educate yourself on the difference between domestic abuse and regular violence. If I beat the crap out of my friend in the middle of the street, it's not domestic abuse, it's just me beating my friend in the middle of the street. If I did the same thing to my wife, then it'd be domestic abuse.

Domestic abuse is a term used for a specific kind of violence that exist between family members or intimate partner...although it can be extended at times to those who simply cohabitate.

Nothing at all indicated that the people in it were family, or intimate partners outside the two asians who weren't violent towards one another. it's only assumption that the people were connected in a way that indicates familial or cohabitational ties.

Ceaser9857361349d ago

Minus the domestic abuse?? dude Wootock go and play some JUST DANCE even FIFA has brutal attack..

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FallenAngel1984350d ago

What domestic abuse? Nobody has a home in this universe.

woodtock350d ago

Even more sadder. I definitely know feminists will hate this game.

FallenAngel1984350d ago

Of course it’s supposed to be sad, it’s the fucking apocalypse.

You’d have to be pretty insane to only focus on that one aspect rather than all the other atrocities that happen in the series.

Hell the series is called The Last of Us for a reason, as in the last remnants of humanity in this increasingly bleak inhumane setting.

FloydianAndroid349d ago

Feminists will love the game. They care more about the lesbian agenda than preventing domestic abuse.

AspiringProGenji350d ago

Jak 2 is the exception for me. I hated it, but Jak 3 did it for me

woodtock350d ago

Maybe that might happen with this game. Naughty Dog isn't impeccable.

349d ago
Erik7357350d ago (Edited 350d ago )

It'll be a great game either way. One of the things I loved about the original last of us was the combat and using your fist and items in the environment. I can't wait to see how fighting the AI will be in this game. I remember when I ran out of bullets and they would yell that out when they heard the gun click, stuff like that really sold the game to me.

medman350d ago

In Naughty Dog we trust.

andrewsquall349d ago

Was going to make that point too. So true so the answer is yes.

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woodtock350d ago

I hope so but let's not be too presumptuous either (Gran Turismo Sport anyone)?

Goldby350d ago

two very different types of games and franchises.

GT sport tis the evolution from Single player racing to online competitive, over the course of 7 games. this is a direct sequel to one of the best games. are you honestly just trying to stir the pot with these comments?

AspiringProGenji350d ago

GT sport is actually better than the previous GT games. GT3 will probably still be the best but Sport is one of the best. Just because it doesn’t have an offline career like the rest doesn’t mean it is bad. This is what PD intended and the Sport mode is amazing. The nest online in the series

Goldby350d ago

^ya the online is so fun, I'm enjoying the fact that it's other people I'm racing against, specially the n300 series where everyone is using the same car, really shows how the driver etiquette comes into play and how precise the racing can be. AI is too easy, even on professional.

bluefox755350d ago

Speak for yourself. Gran Turismo Sport is fantastic. Most fun I've had with a racer in years.

ILostMyMind350d ago

What are you talking about? GTS is the best racing game right now. Do you at least play a game before criticize it?

Dark_Knightmare2350d ago

Dude every one of your comments is pure trolling it's old.

InTheZoneAC349d ago

I've driven over 2000 miles in that game, first racing game I've ever played with a wheel. GTS was known to have less of everything, but also bring some new things. And we already know we'll get steady support and content, just like all previous ps3 gt's

RommyReigns349d ago

Is your website named PlayStation Lifestyle or PlayStation 'Hatestyle'? What's with the constant hate these days?

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2pacalypsenow350d ago

Well Uncharted 2 was better than Uncharted 1 so it's very likely.

woodtock350d ago

So was devil may cry but look at what happen to devil may cry 2......

2pacalypsenow350d ago

Well Devil may cry is not make by Naughty Dog

Dark_Knightmare2350d ago

Cool story bro any one could easily do what you just did with tons of games but that's basement level trolling. The fact is every ND game keeps getting better and better and they are at the height of their powers so yeah not too many people are worried about tlou part 2 not being fantastic because it will be

Foxhound922349d ago


He's obviously doing this to get a rise out of you.

TheKingKratos350d ago

Yes ofcourse
Never doubt them

OB1Biker350d ago (Edited 350d ago )

Its subjective and doesnt really matter, does it?
If its just as good or even not as good it still masterpiece level we r talking about.

woodtock350d ago

If it's not good or mediocre then how is it a masterpiece? Hopefully you are not judging this game solely on just the graphics only.

Dark_Knightmare2350d ago (Edited 350d ago )

Dude give it up you're seriously annoying and have crap opinions that don't even make sense. Nobody is entertained by you so just bounce and do something more productive with your pathetic little life

OffRoadKing349d ago

Why dont you give it a rest you're literally the only one here trying to down play the game and its laughable at best..

OB1Biker350d ago (Edited 350d ago )

theres zero chance its not good or mediocre if you know what your talking about

woodtock350d ago

Are you working on this game? Let's see what this game will turn out to be first before we give it praise.

OB1Biker350d ago

Im not praising the game. The whole world keeps praising ND. There s no reason to think they r going to rush a mediocre game all of a sudden

Goldby350d ago


"Are you working on this game? Let's see what this game will turn out to be first before we give it praise."

Are you, maybe you should wait for the game to come out before you start criticizing it because of a single trailer