Final Fantasy XIV's New 'Ultimate' Raid Has Officially Lasted Longer Than The Last Two Raids

From GameWatcher: "Final Fantasy XIV, just like any other MMORPG, caters to both a hardcore and casual playerbase - usually on alternating patterns. One patch sees 'raid' content that has teams racing for that 'world first' prestige kill, whereas another may focus on things everyone can enjoy. The latest was a bit of both, and it's offered one of the toughest challenges players have seen in a long time."

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chris235411d ago

stopped playing this years ago after prbably theee weeks of playtime. makes me wonder how this thing is still alive. with so many mmos out there you‘d think people are gettingbored with the conept. but no. people want boredom as long as their way of button pressing beats the next kid.

remixx116411d ago

Lol if you stoped playing years ago then how would you know the state of the game and how "boring" it is after 2 expansions and a near constant flow of content and changes to the game. It's more popular that ever and there's obviously a reason for it.

rdgneoz3411d ago (Edited 411d ago )

It's popularity has increased a lot since Reborn. They have different events throughout the year, keep pushing new content (new raids, dungeons, hard modes, holiday/collaboration events, story missions), tons of customization (glamoring your character, armors for chocobos, and decorating your house/apartment), resources for beginners, tons of mini games, huge array of crafting, gardening, a decent matchmaking system (though DPS will always have the long queues), made leveling much easier (incentivized higher level players helping out the newbies as well as various free [or pre-order] items over time, events that included more people flocking to lower level zones for events, etc), different factions to rank up with (whether you like to craft or kill monster), revamped PvP a bit, etc,

There's a ton of stuff to do and it can be overwhelming at times. In other games, you can max your level in a short time, get everything there is handed to you easily, and have nothing else to do till months later when the next DLC launches (cough Destiny 2 cough).

Steveoreno1410d ago

Don't respond to Chris. He hates games.