Microsoft pulls the plug on the Kinect

Microsoft's Alex Kipman, creator of the Kinect, and Matthew Lapsen, GM of Xbox Devices Marketing announced the death of Kinect.

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DirtyPete419d ago

Well I cant say it was my favorite piece of equipment.

threefootwang419d ago

Very happy to see they finally eliminated this from Xbox. It's been nothing but a plague to anyone who was an Xbox fan from the original Xbox days.

DEEHULK88419d ago (Edited 419d ago )

I got the Xbox when it came out Nov 15,2001 and I can say the it didn't bother me one bit. I never got one, never played one but still love Xbox, so what you said is only true for some and not all

andrewsquall419d ago

@threefootwang Yet if you love gaming on Xbox and never touched a Kinect, it STILL affected you, whether you want to admit it or not.

Here is one example. So you were perfectly happy with the full studio of Lionhead being put to work on the Kinect only title Fable The Journey? You wouldn't have preferred it handed over to some other smaller studio while the flagship developers of the Fable series were put to work on ANYTHING else?

thekhurg419d ago

You can't just flip the switch and get rid of Kinect. It's built into the system. It's part of everything.

Oh wait.

darthv72419d ago

The tech behind the kinect was pretty sound. The way they implemented it in games, not so much. about the only fun I had was gunstringer and fruit ninja.

On that note, can anyone explain why the PS4 camera is laid out like the original kinect with two lenses? Was MS onto something with that design or ?????

threefootwang419d ago

I'm getting at the fact that when Kinect was brought in during the 360 days, MS's focus shifted exclusively to that. For us core gamers who were enjoying authentic exclusives up until then, we got shafted pretty hard.

It took the firing of Mattrick for them to finally realize that. (I know he wasn't officially fired but you know what I mean)

If MS had kept to the original Xbox and early 360 days with its solid line up of then exclusive games, the Xbox One would've probably have been a lot more popular not to mention more successful then it currently is.

Hairy Chewie419d ago

The dual camera design helps with calculating depth, similar to our eyes.

kreate418d ago

I'm genuinely disappointed Kinect is being dropped.

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-Foxtrot419d ago

That's not fair, it made a beautiful modern paper weight

pinkcrocodile75419d ago

Oi, if Kinect is a paper weight, what is PS4 Camera?. Case in point PS4 Camera can't tell the difference between a face or arse cheeks, this isn't a dig, just a fact. My fella accidentally logged into his PS4 Pro with his arse cheeks, whilst very funny, it's not the best either

EatCrow419d ago

Your definition of beautiful must be quite different from mine then.

Sgt_Slaughter419d ago

The PS4 camera has VR now so your entire comment is flawed.

subtenko419d ago

A rock i better paper weight, why waste your money on something you can get free? Surely you could put that money to or 2.....or a game?

andrewsquall419d ago

@pinkcrocodile75 EYETOY from 2002 could tell the difference between a face or an arse cheek. You do know the tech was there long before Kinect right?

headshotfrosty419d ago

I say scrap Kinect and release a simple device that allows for voice commands. $20

419d ago
SojournUK419d ago


My PS Camera works fine - but then again my face doesn't look like my arse ;)

pinkcrocodile75419d ago

@andrewsquall, of course I know, I'm not stupid lol. Still doesn't change the fact the facial recognition feature is a bit rubbish. Not that I don't get the need for it with PSVR as we finally got our PSVR sorted after a replacement.

@SolidSate Cheeky bugger!, that's my husband ya talking about lol. He's annoyingly good looking although only 5ft 10. Sexy arse mind probably why the PS4 Camera took a shine to him. :D

Vizigoth04419d ago


While the humour is nicely welcome. The camera do this day still holds a purpose, but it still give PS Move it's life and especially PSVR. This is PS3 and PS4 technology being VR to today's console. Can't wait for what PS5 has in store.

cbuc1125419d ago

@pinkcrocodile75.....The PS4 camera isn't discontinued. Neither is the original PS4.

MasterCornholio419d ago


"Oi, if Kinect is a paper weight, what is PS4 Camera?"

A device necessary for PSVR?

rainslacker419d ago (Edited 419d ago )

I think you can still use it as that.


PS Camera can log you in, so it has facial recognition. not sure why facial skeletal recognition is that important anyways, as I can't think of a single game which uses it, or why it'd be fun in the first place. Did you know that the original kInect(not sure about the new one) couldn't even tell you had a torso if you wore something too black in a dark room?

Both cameras had their strengths and weaknesses.

As to the difference. Kinect wasn't even supported after MS threw the switch and removed it as a requirement for the system. There were almost no exclusive Kinect games, and barely any "better with Kinect" games. The PSMove actually has quite a bit of support in a lot of games, and is an essential part of PSVR. Move support is available in almost all PSVR games. The PS Camera is also a popular peripheral among the streaming crowd.

For all intents and purposes, The PS Camera is, and always was, put to more use by the overall user base and developers than Kinect 2 ever was. The difference is, Sony managed to keep the PSCamera relevant by not making it a requirement for everything, whereas MS fumbled with their own initially required peripheral out of the gate.

If your fella accidently logged into PS4 with his ass cheeks, then I'd first question why he's branding his ass cheeks around the house, and then wonder what he looks like, because never once have I had my PS4 log me in through anything other than my face, nor has it recognized my wife's backside as anything that would be on file for log in.

In any case, facial, or backside recognition is a function of software, not hardware. A camera is nothing more than a lens to connect the real world to the software which interprets the image it receives.

Knushwood Butt419d ago

Wait, I can log into my PS4 with butt recognition?

YoungKingDoran419d ago

Think I went to school with pinkcroc's "fella". He loved low fat milk. No way - just found a pic on FB


pinkcrocodile75419d ago

@YoungKingDoran HAHAHA, cheeky [email protected]@rd. I wasn't kidding when I said it logged him in with his arse. He came downstairs looking for underpants and socks, he had his back to the camera and it put the square with the smiley face around his arse cheeks and all of a sudden we got the dash.

I was killing myself laughing. I told his mates in his gay rugby team, they won't let him live it down.

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goken419d ago

huh!so much for 'Xbox one equals kinect, kinect equals Xbox one'
ms owes all early Xbox one adopters (those forced to get a kinect) an apology, and possibly 100 bucks


I use it more than ever now lol. Cortana is fun to use

Davidgr2419d ago

Speak for yourself.. Kinect is awesome. It is the best dust collector I've ever owned.

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TheColbertinator419d ago

Good. Kinect was such a waste of time.

ChasterMief419d ago (Edited 419d ago )

Fantasia was fun. But it wasn't worth buying a Kinect.

419d ago
Godmars290419d ago

And money.

Lots and lots of money.

I mean they literally bought a start-up company just to say they "invented" some of the tech that went into kinect.

mcstorm419d ago

I do feel more could of been done with Kinect but its had little support since the xbox one came out. Be interesting to see how the tech is used in other areas.

lxeasy419d ago

Yeah the tech itself was cool and all lot could have been done with it outside of gaming

jznrpg419d ago

More could have been done in gaming it just isnt MS area of expertise

lxeasy419d ago

Ah I could see that VR and Kinect makes perfect sense. I always thought Milo had tons of potential

Godmars290419d ago

And when did MS ever reach the potential of Milo?

When did they ever live up to the potential of anything more than a party game?

joeorc419d ago

Yes it could, especially with VR i think Microsoft is being very short sighted in this.

Death419d ago

It gets chalked up with the other unsupported devices gamers have seen. I thought the potential was great for supplementing gaming, but without third or even first party support that potential was never realized.

frostypants419d ago (Edited 419d ago )

It's not nearly accurate enough to work well with VR. I guarantee you they've experimented with it.

hamburgerhill419d ago

What ashame! He really was a good kid and this news just confirms his death. RIP

KwietStorm419d ago

Completely forgot about that little liar. Screw Milo.

rainslacker419d ago

Thought they drowned him in that lake of his after they drew him a picture.

chuckyj1419d ago

Pretty sure.... everyone saw this coming... Especially after you needed an adapter for the Xbox One S and the Xbox One X...

419d ago