Tabata's New IP Isn't Even in Pre-Production Yet; Will Use Luminous Engine & Maybe Cloud Processing

Hajime Tabata revealed several new details on his new IP. It will be powered by Luminous and possibly use cloud processing for online modes, but it's a long way out - it isn't even in pre-production yet.

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Cybermario280d ago

interesting, let's see if he delivers

KaiPow280d ago

The Prompto DLC for FFXV shows his team is capable of pulling off an action game if they try.

Alexious280d ago

It would be interesting to see them tackle a shooter.

280d ago
FinalFantasyFanatic279d ago

I would like another JRPG, but i'm not exactly starved for those at the moment.

279d ago
masterfox280d ago

nice can't wait for year 2040!!!

Angainor7280d ago

Seriously this will release at the end of the PS5 & XBOX whatever cycle

Alexious280d ago

Nah. The tech is solid now, they should be quicker.

-Foxtrot280d ago (Edited 280d ago )

Hey thats great, long as it's not FFXVI he can knock himself out.

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