Kingdom Hearts III discounted on Xbox One

Amazon has discounted the Xbox One version of Kingdom Hearts III.

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OmnislashVer36193d ago

I thought it said discontinued on Xbox One. And I wouldn't have been surprised.

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TheOttomatic91193d ago

I'm kinda surprised they haven't released any of the remasters or Prologue game on Xbox One, it mind boggling considering the game is STILL going to be on the platform

riverstars86193d ago

Agreed, really would like to hear their reasoning for not bringing the remasters to the Xbox One, yet release KH3. Hopefully you don't need to play the old games to understand the story in the newest game.

DarXyde193d ago

If you've never played Kingdom Hearts, I highly recommend playing them or watching a very detailed YouTube synopsis.

The most important game in my opinion are Dream Drop, 1, 2, Birth by Sleep, and 2.8. A lot of it is pretty convoluted, but yeah, if you're new, you'll most certainly be lost without a primer.

TheOttomatic91193d ago (Edited 193d ago )

@riverstar86 unfortunately KH is one of the most confusing stories in games (closest comparison I can think of is MGS) and unless you have played ALL the previous games the story in KH3 will make no sense.

ninsigma192d ago

You most certainly do need to play the previous games to play 3. Not only the main titles but also the spin offs that were on handhelds. It's quite a complex story and it's important to follow it through so you know what's going on. You could always read about it or watch the cutscenes on YouTube though.

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NoPeace_Walker193d ago

Like Shenmue 3 on PS4 when part 1 and 2 were never on any PS platform before? Or that logic only pertains to other platforms?

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DarXyde192d ago (Edited 192d ago )

You assume PS4 won't be getting the original Shenmue games.

The probability of Xbox getting the original Kingdom Hearts games, at this point, is still possible. Unlikely, but possible.

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GamesMaster1982192d ago

Agree. I also don't even see the point in the game being released on X1 at all without the first 2. Who the hell jumps into a series from the 3rd part ?.

Universal 08192d ago

I wish they would, Id love to play the previous games since I cant afford to buy another system just for a few games.

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PhoenixUp193d ago

Discount a game that doesn't even have a release date...okay

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whiteblue193d ago

Phil spencer was in tokyo just a few days ago, microsoft is trying to get support from jap devs.

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