Final Fantasy XIV Closing in on Peak World of Warcraft

Gamesindustry: "At 10m players and counting, director Naoki Yoshida tells us how a generous free trial and a TV-style structure has driven the MMO to an all-new high."

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zacfoldor343d ago

Is this 10m unique accounts total(for all time) or are they saying there are 10m active players in the game today?

NiteX343d ago (Edited 343d ago )

10 million for all time. Only 664K is currently active.

thekhurg343d ago

Pretty much why reports like this are fud. They're bragging about stats that literally don't matter. I'm one of those 10 million, and haven't played the game in so long that I don't even remember what kind of character I played.

False tracking to inflate stats. This is Microsoft territory of numbers reporting.

TomatoDragon343d ago

Personally, this is my all time favorite mmo. I don't play it anymore, but I put well over 1000 hours into it. Beautiful world, characters, animations, combat effects, sound and music...its excellent, and my favorite ff game tbh.

CrystalFantasy343d ago

Blizzard are too busy with their kids card game ti improve their mmo

veicht343d ago

Article is mistaking the 10m number for concurrent subs. Its total accounts created, which isn't remotely close to WoW. I don't care for WoW, this is just disingenuous.