Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Beta Raises Pay-To-Win Fears

It has a loot crate-based progression system that can be sped up by spending real money.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima70d ago

“Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Beta Raises Pay-To-Win Fears”

Well looks like I’ll pass on this game. I’m not gonna super this trash.

UCForce70d ago

Before people disagree with me. This is example why microtransaction gone too far in AAA games.

yomfweeee70d ago

Many games in the past have had a true ending hidden behind very difficult and time consuming measures.

This is no different. You're just using it as excuse to hate.

nitus1070d ago (Edited 70d ago )

There is a huge difference between microtransactions which are a kind of optional "fluff" compared to "loot-crates" which is a form of gambling. It is even more confusing when DLC (Digital Downloadable Content) is equated to microtransactions.

Personally, I am not a fan of microtransactions but as long as it remains just optional and not "pay to win" or worst yet "pay to complete game" then I am fine with it.

You are correct, it is possible to take optional but purchasable content in a game too far especially if the game is designed to force the player to excessively grind so increasing the temptation to purchase microcontent. I do have a tendency to boycott games that do that.

2600Thunder70d ago (Edited 70d ago )

Glad I did not preorder. PR is good at making people believe that EA was suddenly being oh so very humble so please preorder, apologizing for their prior abomination so please preorder, and handing out keys to ice cream land so please preorder. There's always a catch and nothing is free in this world. Why is this so hard for us to remember after a flashy game presentation?

And so I'll be joining you in this being another game I am not buying.

I was also bored with the beta after a few matches. I've noticed these monetized games are not innovating and are very empty, high production themed shells. Then a game like the Witcher 3 or D:OS2 comes along and wows us - with no predatory monetization.

Now is the perfect time for smaller devs to rise up and take a chunk of these gaming markets. PUBG took the COD crowd - for now - and it can happen with other game genres. Star Wars will be a challenge since EA owns the gaming rights, but give us other great games without gimmicky crap or monetization and we will buy them up I'm sure. Oh D:OS2 how I love thee.

AspiringProGenji70d ago

Except those games in the past did not make anything nearly impossible or so grindy to prey on players to spend money and get stuff faster and easier. This is BS. not buy!

TheVetOfGaming70d ago

I'm doing that with all games that try and push the more money theme. I've not bought a brand new game in a long time, bar a select few. They keep pushing it, and I don't buy new. I buy from either eBay or local sellers. I call it: giving back to the gaming community :)

70d ago
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lukferr70d ago

Apparently you can EARN the same type of loot boxes really quickly while playing. Can any beta players confirm this? I heard like 4 in a couple of hours. But still... I really hate the way the industry is going.

shaun mcwayne70d ago

I played for a good while yesterday, it looks like you have challenges in this one like kill so many with this class or 50 kills with certain weapon, complete these and you get rewards loot boxes , also you earn coin to spend on boxes. I liked it, its definitely an improvement on previous game which felt unfinished in my opinion. Im getting a bit tired of hearing this pay to win stuff, buy all the loot boxes you want, wont help you, skill and map knowledge will win in most cases. Also buying ingame lootboxes with real money leads to the dark side. Darth maul bought a loot box, got a double lightsaber, look what happened to him, remember the face he made as obi wan chopped him, that was a "but I paid to win" look.

Aries8370d ago


LMAO! That was brilliant!!!

OB1Biker70d ago (Edited 70d ago )

Progression is easier in Beta than launch game but still it should be easy enough when you play regularly.
I mean I understand the concern and EA should come out and say the option is limited to a certain extend to avoid unbalance.
However I don't think its worth it to buy your way in the game. A bit similar to the way some gamers buy the deluxe edition £20 more for a few upgrades. Its not worth it. You can unlock these upgrades playing the game and be more happy about it.

arkard70d ago

It may be pay to win for the first few days... Someone wants to drop an additional 50$ or whatever to unlock better weapons hen so be it. It will only help them for a week at most before people that didn't pay for loot boxes start getting those same weapons. I'm not worried.

OB1Biker70d ago (Edited 70d ago )

I tend to think the same it's typically people who play for a few weeks and then move on. Hey I'm on for at least a year playing this game, possibly longer since I'm not into fps games like cod or bf Not worried either about quick come and go gamers. Not to mention it was also possible to buy stuff on previous game or other games too
I'm just being genuine there

AcidDvl70d ago

I know, but mate, this allows a free season pass.

All future content will be free for everyone. This means that you don't pay more than what the game costs you and the player base doesn't get split up.

You're trading a reasonably slower progression for free future content and the entire player based united. Fair trade IMHO.

FITgamer70d ago

Yeah you can. I unlocked between 5-10 loot boxes in about 2 hours of playing.

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XiNatsuDragnel70d ago

Seriously this trash is why gamers are so judgmental of gaming companies.

SegaGamer70d ago

Seriously, who are the idiots that buy this crap ? There must be a lot or they wouldn't include it in games. I can't think of a bigger waste of money.

ocelot0770d ago

Thing is though you may think of them as idiot's but they are most likely people with addictive personalities or in another word gambling addicts. This is who loot boxes are targeted at and it's scummy from publishers.

Don't get me wrong I can see why you think these people are idiot's. But really they are people who are suffering from an illness. Here is an example: Guy want's a new skin for his Assassin's Creed character but you can't buy it out right it's only available in loot boxes so essentially it's a gamble. User thinks ohhh it's only $2 a loot box ill buy $10 worth. After opening his loot boxes. The user didn't get the skin he wanted. So he thinks ohh ill buy another 5 loot boxes it's only $10. An hour later and $100 out of pocket the user still does not have the skin he so desperately wants.

Am not saying this is how Assassin's Creed Origins is going to work. But this is how some games work and I think it's scum of the publishers. This sort of thing could lead to people with an addicting personality to money debt. Which could then lead to other problems such as self harming or even suicide.

Loot boxes should be banned. Or at least ones that allow you to pay for them with real money.

SegaGamer70d ago

Actually, you make a good point. They aren't idiots, just people with an addiction to gambling.

Magnetar70d ago

Look at the bright side, those idiots make it so everyone else gets free content for a year or two.

nitus1069d ago

Err no!

Shure the game will be Adult only but you would have to be living under a rock to think that children won't get to play this and they are very susceptible to gambling incentives.

Yes, there are idiots (approx 2.9%) who will get sucked into gambling but that does not make it right and these "greedy" publishers know this.

BTW. A simple Google search of "gambling addiction" will show the percentage of people who are seriously addicted to gambling and over 3 million hits. Happy reading.

WePlayDirty70d ago (Edited 70d ago )

And this is why I've quit playing AAA third party games. The amount of anti-consumerism is appalling.

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