Stardew Valley debuts at no. 1 spot on Switch eShop

The farming strategy game has shot up to the top spot as the best selling game on the Switch eShop, beating out indie heavy hitters like Minecraft and Sonic Mania.

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Snookies12433d ago

Followed the development of this game for years, ever since the creator started doing posts about his development process. It's the Harvest Moon game I'd been yearning for, since all of the recent games in the Harvest Moon series have fallen off track in one way or another. Bought it on Steam and got to my 2nd Year, but I've been too busy to pick it back up lately. This definitely makes me want to go back though! Awesome game that deserves all its sales, it's cool that Switch owners get a chance to check it out too!

433d ago
-Thanos433d ago

The real Harvest Moon is still alive, if you’re still interested. It’s called Story of Seasons and in Japan it bears the same name as the old Harvest Moon games we loved. It’s really good and nothing like the 3DS games under the Harvest Moon brand. I haven’t played the second story of seasons but I loved the first. The Switch will be getting more of these games. There’s a lot of confusion about the Harvest Moon brand that I don’t feel like writing a book about. All it was is just a brand given to western localizations, in Japan the games were called entirely something else.

Antnee534433d ago

I love it on the go, the only thing I would change abou5 it is the saves taking so long

431d ago
HaveAsandwich431d ago (Edited 431d ago )

isnt there some kind of update for fall?

MeteorPanda431d ago

sadly l love rune factory too much to get too invested in stardew valley. l found the fishing kinda tedious.

Prince_TFK431d ago

The fishing system is really bad. I hope they would simplify it abit.

Prince_TFK431d ago

What madness is this? I thought, according to N4G, Switch owners don't buy third party game?

DJK1NG_Gaming431d ago

and according to N4G. Indies games aren't third party games.

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