Planet Of The Apes: Last Frontier - Skewed 'n Reviewed

Neil at Skewed and Reviewed has written a preview the new Planet of the Apes game from his meeting with the game developers at PAX West as well as details of the game from his time seeing it in action.

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Soulst0rmer328d ago

the original Planet of the Apes Saga is my favorite movie franchise and I look forward to checking this out if it can bring an experience as powerful as the original series. I do like the three new ones however they will never compare to the originals and Roddy McDowall is a boss

Garethvk328d ago

The originals were filled with unexpected ironies and twists. The new ones while entertaining have at times played it too safe. There is supposed to be an ambiguity and duality between the species. Older films played many of the Apes as villains where the new ones have pointed the finger at humanity.